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Comprehensive Plan

The plan is the city’s long-range vision for guiding growth, development and change over a 20-year planning period. State law requires a municipality within the seven-county metropolitan area to review and, if necessary, revise its comprehensive plan every ten years.

The process to update the plan began in 2017 and the plan was submitted to the Metropolitan Council in December of 2018. The Modification process began, and changes were made to the plan in order for it to be deemed complete by the Metropolitan Council. The plan was finally accepted for implementation on January 22, 2020. The Brooklyn Park City Council put the plan into effect on March 30, 2020.

2040 Comprehensive Plan

Download Full Plan (PDF 272 Mb) >

Chapter 1: Introduction >

Chapter 2: Background >

Chapter 3: Land Use >

Chapter 4: Housing >

Chapter 5: Transportation >

Chapter 6: Economic Development >

Chapter 7: Parks and Trails >

Chapter 8: Sanitary Sewer >

Chapter 9: Water Supply and Distribution >

Chapter 10: Draft Local Water Management Plan Update >

Chapter 11: Resilience >

Chapter 12: Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area Plan >

Chapter 13: Implementation >