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Just Deeds

What is the Just Deeds project?

The Just Deeds project provides free legal and title services to help property owners find discriminatory covenants and discharge them from their property titles. The organization is composed of a coalition of real estate professionals, attorneys, government officials, and community organizations who are dedicated to the pursuit of racial justice.

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Why did Brooklyn Park join Just Deeds?

The City of Brooklyn Park is joining with other cities in the Just Deeds coalition to educate our residents about the history and impact of racially discriminatory covenants. This partnership will also help the city to identify and remove any such covenants in Brooklyn Park should they still exist. While acknowledging the history of systemic racism is only one step on the path towards achieving racial equality in the present, we believe this a wonderful opportunity to make Brooklyn Park a more inclusive environment for people of all races.

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One hundred properties in Brooklyn Park are tied to land records with racially restrictive covenants. Learn more about where they are and how they fit into the larger story of racial convenants in the Twin Cities metro.

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