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City Code

Our city codes help ensure our community stays healthy and safe!

The Environmental Health program is responsible for investigating and responding to property maintenance complaints. Concerns range from general nuisances to housing maintenance issues, such as:

  • Long grass
  • Junk and debris
  • Exterior storage
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Broken windows
  • Deteriorating siding/roofs

Know The Code

The City of Brooklyn Park produced videos to assist our residents with information on city ordinances.

Información sobre las ordenanzas municipales de Brooklyn Park(Spanish)

Paub cov kev cai nyob rau hauv Brooklyn Park(Hmong)

Reporting a concern

Police concerns

For animal complaints, noisy parties, on-street parking violations, suspicious activities or immediate health or safety concerns, contact the police at 911.

Environmental health concerns

For all other neighborhood and business complaints that cannot be resolved through neighbor cooperation, contact Environmental Health.

Information to provide when filing a concern:

  • Your name and how we can reach you. We may need to contact you for more information or to give you updates. Your information is private.
  • The address where your concern is at. Include the house number and street name.
  • Details of your concern. Tell us where to find the problem and what it is. This information is very helpful for our investigation.

Did you receive a correction order?

If you receive a notice from the city, do not ignore it!

Please correct the issues listed on the notice. If you do not understand or need more time to complete a project, call the city employee listed on the notice immediately.

Failure to meet City regulations and standards may result in enforcement actions such as fines, costs of city-facilitated corrections, eviction, or court actions.

Si usted necesita asistencia en español, llame 763-493-8070 oprima cinco (5)

Yog koj tsis tau tau es yuav lub Hmoob hu 763-493-8070 nias xoom (0)

Did you receive a fine?

Look up recent case information

You can look up active and recently closed cases using a case number or property address.

View the environmental health cases map >

The map includes all active cases and any cases closed in the last 90 days.

Code Inspectors

You can look up the code inspector for your area and how to contact them.

View our code inspections map >


More information on city code and property maintenance

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