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Historic Eidem Farm

Nurturing our roots and growing our future.

About Historic Eidem Farm

Our Mission

To be a welcoming and inspiring space to learn about Brooklyn Park’s market farming history, and to celebrate our shared heritage of agriculture, families, and community.

Our Vision

To create a vibrant public space for people to enjoy the outdoors, learn about our shared heritage, and to make connections between out history, our present, and our future.

First homesteaded in the 1850’s, John Jr. and Electa (Lectty) Eidem bought their first home, a 39 acre farm, in 1894 raising two boys, and grow potatoes and other crops until their death in the 1950’s. The farm would remain in the family for the next 20 years, until it was bought by the City of Brooklyn Park in 1976 to become a historical farm that would preserve and represent the city’s farming roots.

Today, the site consists of 19 acres and two farmsteads (house, barn and various outbuildings) once belonging to John, Jr. Eidem and his son Arthur (Archie) Eidem. Arthur’s farm, adjacent to his father’s and once part of the John Jr. farm property, was established in the 1890’s; Arthur bought the farm in 1918 and maintained ownership until his death in 1977. Like his father and other Brooklyn Park farmers, Arthur farmed potatoes as well as boarded sheep. In 1986 the house, outbuildings and 5 acres of land from Arthur’s farm was obtained by the City of Brooklyn Park, joining the John Jr. property the city already owned, creating the existing Historic Eidem Farm.

Since it’s opening in 1979, the Historic Eidem Farm has striven to preserve these turn of the 20th century farmsteads in order to portray, educate, and engage visitors with what life was like during 1905-1920 through a living history experience. Using period tools and techniques, costumed interpreters perform the daily tasks of farming and maintaining a household. Through the many programs, events, tours, activities and period demonstrations, visitors of all ages can step back in time and experience and connect firsthand with the joys and hardships of life in the Brooklyn Park area.

Eidem Master Plan

In 2018 the Brooklyn Park Recreation and Parks Department completed, and city council approved, a 10-year master plan, estimated at a total of $8 million dollars, for the Historic Eidem Farm. As part of the $26 million Park Bond Referendum that was passed in 2018, $1.4 million is slotted for work on the Historic Eidem Farm. Though noticeable changes other than the farm’s name may be slow to come, there is a lot of work being done behind the scenes in moving the master plan forward.

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