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Planning Commission

This commission holds public hearings on a wide variety of development issues.


Issues the planning commission addresses include zoning, platting, conditional use permits and variances. In addition, it develops long-range plans to guide the physical development of the community through a comprehensive planning process.

Commission members

Name District representing Term ends
Aarestad, Erin East April 1, 2023
Herbers, Christopher Central April 1, 2021
Husain, Syed City At-large April 1, 2023
Kiekow, John City At-large April 1, 2021
Kisch, Michael (Chair)         Send email > Central April 1, 2022
Mohamed, Hassanen  West April 1, 2021
Morton-Spears, Marshell  City At-large April 1, 2022
Muvundamina, Christian West April 1, 2023
Vosberg, Carol  East April 1, 2022

To get contact information on a Commissioner, please email the staff liaison below.

Council liaison

Wynfred Russell >

Staff liaison

Cindy Sherman >

Roles and duties

The Planning Commission has an important role in reviewing new developments to be sure they meet the zoning and land use regulations of the City. Planning commission members are often the first to see details on new businesses, new buildings, and projects proposed for development.

The commission:

  • Holds public hearings
  • Reviews development items, new housing projects and the comprehensive plan
  • Makes recommendations to the City Council on whether or not to approve projects or plans

Apply to become a commissioner

Applications are always welcome! Applications are kept on file for one year. As openings occur, applicants are notified of openings and invited to participate in the commission interview process.


Three years


Meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

Time commitment (approximate)

Twelve hours per month

Zoning map

Launch the interactive zoning map

Zoning Map

Televised and streamed meetings

The meetings are televised live on Cable TV on Channel 16 and also web streamed.

Application deadlines and hearing dates

Applications are due on the first business day of the month by 5 p.m.

The Planning Commission meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The City Council meets on the 4th Monday of the month.

The applicant or a designated representative is required to attend the Planning Commission and City Council meetings.

Deadline date Public hearing date City Council date
12/02/19 01/08/20 01/27/20
01/02/20 02/12/20 02/24/20
02/03/20 03/11/20 03/30/20 (5th Monday)
03/02/20 04/08/20 04/27/20
04/01/20 05/13/20 05/26/20 (Tuesday)
05/01/20 06/10/20 06/22/20
06/01/20 07/08/20 07/27/20
07/01/20 08/12/20 08/31/20 (5th Monday)
08/03/20 09/09/20 09/28/20
09/01/20 10/14/20 10/26/20
10/01/20 11/12/20 (Thursday) 11/30/20 (5th Monday)
11/02/20 12/09/20 To be determined
12/01/20 01/13/21 01/25/21

All dates are subject to change. Please verify dates with the Planning Division. A second hearing may have to be scheduled depending on the number of items submitted.