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Cities United

Cities United is a national movement focused on eliminating the violence in American cities related to African American men and boys.

Reducing violence among African American men and boys

Cities United

Cities United is a national network of mayors who are committed to developing and implementing plans working in partnership with community leaders, families, youth, philanthropy, government officials and other stakeholders to reduce the epidemic of murders among African American men and boys.

The organization is a collective of more than 80 mayors, including our own Mayor Jeffrey Lunde, who are on a mission to stop the unprecedented and devastating loss of lives in cities throughout America. They are committed to ensuring that hope is restored to their communities and providing pathways to justice, employment, education and increased opportunities for residents.

National goal

Reduce violence by 50 percent by the year 2020, in each of the participating cities.

Brooklyn Park goals

Brooklyn Park has a specific set a goals that they want their residents to meet. Brooklyn Park set these goals to improve the city and ultimately improve the country.

  • All youth graduate from high school
  • All youth out of school are employed
  • All youth remain safe from violence/crime and have a second chance


Community Liaison Antonio Smith leds six interns throughout the year. These interns work towards accomplishing My Brother’s Keeper and Cities United goals to decrease violence and improve the success rate for young people.

About My Brother’s Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper is an organization that helps young men and boys of color stay on track by providing the support they need to think more broadly about their future. This program wants to eliminate disparities in outcomes for boys and young men of color. They have goals and milestones that they are looking forward to meeting.

Volunteers wanted

As part of a local effort, the Mayor and city staff are looking for volunteers to participate in helping the cause. You are an ideal candidate if you want to:

  • Be part of a city-wide work group to improve outcomes
  • Help implement strategies that lead to reduce violence amongst African-American men and boys
  • Just want to stay informed of our progress

Phone and email

Antonio Smith
Email Antonio Smith