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There’s so much to discover in Brooklyn Park!


There’s something for everyone in Brooklyn Park!

Enjoy an archery range, all-inclusive park, community gardens, dog parks, and much more. Brush up on your hockey skills at our hockey rink or outdoor skate rink, cruise the river at our boat launch, or perfect your free throw at one of our basketball courts.

Planning Your Visit

Local Events

  1. Recreation and Parks Advisory Commission Meeting

  2. Human Rights Commission Meeting

  3. VIRTUAL: Toastmasters Meeting

  4. Spring on the Farm

  5. City Council Meeting

  6. Dog Park Awareness

  7. Dog Park Awareness

  8. Budget Advisory Commission

  9. Dog Park Awareness

  10. Dog Park Awareness

Unique to Brooklyn Park

  1. Brooklyn Park has 2 golf courses, 50 soccer fields, & 28 baseball fields.

  2. Brooklyn Park has 60 amazing parks - that is 1,377 acres of park land.

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