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Planning Applications

A planning application is required for new development, redevelopment, and changes in use of property in Brooklyn Park. All applications for development proposals and zoning changes require a pre-application meeting with city staff, and public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council.


Applications and approval are typically required for the following items. Planning applications are accepted through our online application portal (IDT).

Application deadlines and hearing dates

The Planning Commission meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The City Council meets on the 4th Monday of the month.

The applicant or a designated representative is required to attend the Planning Commission and City Council meetings.

Cutoff date Public hearing date City Council date
11/04/22 12/14/22 01/03/23
12/02/22 01/11/23 01/30/23
12/30/22 02/08/23 02/27/23
1/27/23 03/08/23 03/27/23
03/03/23 04/12/23 04/24/23
03/31/23 05/10/23 05/22/23
05/05/23 06/14/23 06/26/23
06/02/23 07/12/23 07/24/23
06/30/23 08/09/23 08/28/23
08/04/23 09/13/23 09/25/23
09/01/23 10/11/23 10/23/23
09/29/23 11/08/23 11/27/23
11/03/23 12/13/23 01/02/24

All dates are subject to change. Please verify dates with the Planning Division. A second hearing may have to be scheduled depending on the number of items submitted.

Zoning letter request

Zoning letters are often requested by lenders or real estate professionals looking for verification that a proposed use of a property is acceptable per the zoning code.

To request an official zoning letter, please provide us a list of the questions that you want answered. We do not provide any calculations (parking, hardcover, etc.) for the site nor do we conduct a site inspection.

You may request copies of Certificates of Occupancy (CO) and any applicable approval resolutions. However, these documents may not be available given the age of the property. The Hennepin County Recorder’s office may have approval resolutions recorded against the property that would show up in your title search.

The cost of this service is $100.00—please make check payable to City of Brooklyn Park and mail the check and zoning letter questions to:

City of Brooklyn Park
Attn: Planning Division
5200 85th Ave N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443