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Water and Utility Maintenance

We make sure our water is clean and safe for drinking and our utility systems are working properly.

About water and utilities

Fire hydrant

The fees on your utility bill pay for the operation and improvements of the water and sewer systems.

Our duties include:

  • Managing the water supply
  • Managing the sanitary sewer system
  • Metering residential and business water usage
  • Maintaining fire hydrants
  • Locating underground utilities
  • Helping residents conserve water (read Lawn Watering Restrictions and Tips)

The water treatment plant treats up to 26 million gallons of water each day and services over 22,000 customers through 270 miles of water lines!

Starting your water service

Contact Utility Billing
Submit the general contact form to start your water service

Water hardness

The water treatment plant does not soften the water. The current water hardness is approximately 32 grains per gallon. Softeners should be set to leave 6 to 7 grains of hardness in the water. If you have questions or would like additional information call the water treatment plant staff at 763-315-8412 or 763-315-8410.

Basement water valves

Residents are responsible for the maintenance of indoor water shut-off valves. Residents should be careful when attempting to turn off water valves at the meter in the basement. If the meter valves are not working correctly call Utility Billing at 763-493-8185.

Sewer problems

If you have a sewer back-up, call 763-493-8007 during business hours. We will help determine if the back-up is our responsibility or if you will need to call a sewer maintenance company.

Water or sewer emergencies after 4:30 p.m. or on weekends call 763-493-8222.

Irrigation RPZ Test Report

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