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Summer Camp FAQ

What should my child bring to camp?

Please dress for the weather and wear clothes that can get dirty! Everyone should have sunscreen and water each day. Campers attending all day will have supervised lunch hour and will need to bring a lunch and snack daily. Children attending in the afternoon need to bring a snack each day.

What are your staff to child ratios?

  •             Preschool          1:6
  •             K-2nd grade       1:8
  •             3-9th grade        1:10

What field trips do you go on?

Our camp community is spread out across 4 locations. We plan field trips around all-camp events that allow us to gather at different camp locations. Our 7-8th graders go on several off-site field trips.

Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

You drop off and pick up your child at the park building located at each camp. Our staff will direct parents to check-in/out.

What paperwork do I need to complete by the first day of camp?

Each family will receive a Handbook and packet of forms that need to be completed and returned on the first day of camp including a Code of Conduct, Camper Information Form along with immunization history, and Permission Slip.

What if the weather is bad?

We will still go outside on cold, rainy, or very hot days. We adjust our daily activity schedule for inclement weather. In the case of severe weather, we shelter inside the CAC or our park buildings. We have never cancelled regular camp due to bad weather.

Are all of your staff trained and background checked?

Yes! We do several days of training with both new and returning staff each summer. All of our staff are background checked each year.

How do you decide what groups the kids will be in?

We group kids together based on age. If we have kids that are close to the age cut off, we will consider the preference of the child and their family when placing them in a group.

What are your daily fees?

  •             Mornings are $11.25/day
  •             Afternoons are $14.25/day
  •             Monroe afternoons are $17.50/day
  •             Full days are $26/day

Since space is limited, we offer a slight discount to campers attending all day.      

Do you have before and after care?

We are not able to offer before and after care. In order to keep our daily fees low and offer a quality program, we are not able have camp open more than 36 hours per week. Longer hours means more staff time which would dramatically increase fees.

How will camp communicate with families during the summer?

We will send out a weekly newsletter, post on Facebook, and send out information via the Remind app.

Why aren’t cell phones allowed at camp?

We have phones at each of our camps. If there is an emergency and you need to communicate with your child, please call us and we will connect you. We do not allow cell phones at camp to give kids a time to explore the real world around them, build relationships with others, practice patience, and use valuable leadership skills. Cell phones and other electronics are a big distraction for everyone and disrupt daily camp life.

Are kids with allergies, disabilities or other special needs welcome at camp?

            Yes! If your child has a disability, severe allergy, diabetes, special need or other behavior concern requiring accommodations, please register early to allow adequate time for inclusion services. For more information, contact Erin Johnson, CTRS, at (763)315-8462 or .We will create an inclusion plan prior to the start of camp.