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Summer Camp Registration

Summer Camp 2019

How to register for camp

  1. Chose your location
  2. Chose your days
  3. Call 763-493-8333 or register online here
    • All campers/teens pay a non-refundable registration fee
    • Pay camp fees in full at registration or set up a payment plan
    • Camp fees must be paid in full by June 3

Registration starts over the phone and online at 9am on the following dates:

Date Location
Jan 17 Camp CAC & Norwood- Returning resident families
Jan 18 Camp CAC & Norwood – New resident families
Jan 19 Camp CAC & Norwood – Non-resident families
Jan 24 Camp Northwoods & Willowstone – Returning resident families
Jan 25 Camp Northwoods & Willowstone – New resident families
Jan 26 Camp Northwoods & Willowstone – Non-resident families

*Please note no transfers between locations will be allowed until April 1.

Summer Camp sliding fee scale

  • We offer sliding fees for camp based on household income
  • Reduced fees are available only to residents of Brooklyn Park
  • Tier 2 pricing is available to families with active military deployment
  • To qualify for Tier 2 or Tier 3 pricing, review the chart below to determine your household size and annual income as listed on your most current 1040 tax form. You will not be required to show proof of income, but your account may be audited at any time.
  • Please call our office at 763-493-8333 if you have questions about which Tier your family qualifies for 
Household Size **  Tier 1 (100%) Yearly Income  Tier 2 (58%) Yearly income  Tier 3 (33%) Yearly Income 
More than $ 33,875  $23,804-33,874  Less than $23,803 
More than $42,607  $29,940-42,606  Less than $29,939 
More than $51,339  $36,076-51,338  Less than $36,075 
More than $60,071  $42,212-60,070  Less than $42,211 
More than $68,803  $48,348-68,802  Less than $48,347 
More than $77,535  $54,484-77,534  Less than $54,483 
More than $86,267  $60,620-86,266  Less than $60,619 
9+  Add $8,732 for each additional family member   Add $8,732 for each additional family member  Add $6,136 for each additional family member 
** Household as listed on 1040A tax form

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