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Park Buildings and Picnic Shelters

From individual tables to picnic pavilions that can hold up to 150 guests, you’ll find the perfect place to enjoy your day!

About our facilities

Central Park

Our park system offers over 1,700 acres of park land and environmental areas with many trails throughout. Pavilion rental is available for an outdoor gathering, with many parks having playground equipment, ball fields, courts and restroom facilities for community use.

If you are planning a small family picnic or large company gathering, Brooklyn Park parks have picnic facilities suited to meet your needs!

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Available park buildings


There are park buildings available for rent at the following locations:

  • Hamilton Park
  • Jewell Park
  • Monroe Park
  • Northwoods Park
  • Willowstone Park


Each park building has a capacity of 20 people.

Rental rates

Residents can rent a park building for a day for $54.00. The rate for non-residents is $84.00. Sales tax is included. Northwoods Park is $64.00 for residents and $94.00 for non-residents.

Sound and damage deposit

There is a $100 sound and damage deposit when renting a park building. The damage deposit for Northwoods Park is $200.

Dates not available

Monroe, Northwoods, and Willowstone park buildings are not available for rent from June-August due to summer camps at those locations.

Available picnic shelters

We have various sizes of picnic shelters available for rent.

Cozy picnic shelters

Residents can rent these picnic shelters $27.00. The rate for non-residents is $57.00. Sales tax is included.

Location Capacity
River Park 20
College Park 20
Edinbrook Park 20
Orchard Trail Park 20
Village Creek Park 20
Willows & Aspen Park 20

Small picnic shelters

Residents can rent these picnic shelters $44.00. The rate for non-residents is $74.00. Sales tax is included.

Location Capacity
Hamilton Park 40
Hartkopf Park 40
Jewell Park 40
Monroe Park 40
Willowstone Park 40

Medium picnic shelters

Residents can rent these picnic shelters $54.00. The rate for non-residents is $84.00. Sales tax is included.

Location Capacity
Brookdale Park 50
Lakeland Park 50
Northwoods Park 50

Oak Grove picnic shelters

Residents can rent these picnic shelters $108.00. The rate for non-residents is $138.00. Sales tax is included.

Location Capacity
Oak Grove Park, Pin Oak 60
Oak Grove Park, Burr Oak 60

Large picnic shelters

Residents can rent these picnic shelters $215.05. The rate for non-residents is $241.95. Sales tax is included.

Location Capacity
Central Park 150
River Park 150

Sound and damage deposit

The deposit amount is based on the size of the picnic shelter.

Shelter capacity Deposit amount
20-40 $100
50 $200
60+ $300

Rental policies

Reservations for our summer picnic season are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis beginning in February, the date will be announced in December of the previous year.

One permit per person allowed. We accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover for rental fees and special use permits.

If you are planning an event in one of the parks and the event includes music, dunk tank, game/carnival activities, race/walk/bike events, or inflatables, a special use permit is required.

Reservations are not accepted over the phone. Please complete and return the Outdoor Facility Rental Application.

Outdoor Facility Rental Application (PDF) >

Rental rules and regulations

  1. The individual named on the permit, and/or group to whom the permit is issued, shall be held jointly responsible for use to which a facility permit is granted and shall accept responsibility for damage to City property.
  2. The City assumes no liability for loss of personal property, damage, injury, or illness incurred by individuals or groups when Park and Recreation facilities are being used for a permitted activity.
  3. The City reserves the right to exercise supervisory authority and to prevent unauthorized or illegal activities on City property. The City shall not be responsible for interruption of the use of the described facilities for reasons beyond its control and reserves the right to cancel this permit for reasons of public safety or convenience.
  4. The use of facilities shall be restricted to those spaces specifically requested on the permit application. Other groups or activities may take place at the same time at another shelter or area in the park. Groups are asked to have respect for each other’s space.
  5. The signer of the rental form must be on-site during the event and shall assume full responsibility for any unlawful act committed. No person who has not attained the age of 21 years shall be allowed to rent a facility.
  6. No markings or the application of materials to walls, ceilings or floors of park buildings shall be permitted.
  7. Tents, inflatable play structures or other structures with stakes, tarps, or portion thereof attached to the facility are prohibited. Freestanding canopy tents, and inflatable play structures, are permitted and may be secured with sandbags or weights. A special use permit and a user fee are required.
  8. No radios, boomboxes, recorded music, loudspeakers, DJ, live music or sound-amplifying equipment are allowed in any park or park shelter, except by special permit only, and only at Oak Grove Park. Your damage deposit will be forfeited if this ordinance is not followed.
  9. All parks in Brooklyn Park are tobacco-free. No tobacco use, including smokeless tobacco, is allowed on park property.
  10. Reservations for the current year for park facilities begin the first Tuesday in February each year.
  11. All rules and regulations stated in the policy are subject to all restrictions defined in the City Ordinance: Park Rules and Regulations (copies available upon request)
  12. Equipment or materials brought in by groups should be brought in the day of rental and taken out the same day or night. No storage of personal property is allowed.
  13. All keys must be returned the next business day after your event or damage deposit will be forfeited.


  1. Parking is available in designated parking areas. Groups that underestimate their number of guests may not have adequate parking. Parking on grass or driving on trails is prohibited.
  2. Wipe off tables and benches as needed, place trash in containers, or haul away, anything else necessary to leave the facility in a clean and orderly fashion. Clean-up of the facility is the responsibility of the renter. It is your responsibility to make sure the shelter is left in good condition for the next renter. We recommend documenting your site when leaving by taking photos with a time stamp.
  3. Please double-check that all doors are locked before you leave. If the building is left unsecured and vandalism occurs, you will be held responsible.
  4. If additional staff time, beyond that necessary for normal cleaning, is required to clean the facility, an additional charge for personnel and cleaning supplies will be deducted from the damage deposit.
  5. Applicants are required to remove, at their expense, materials, equipment, furnishings or rubbish that cannot be contained in the trash receptacles provided. No equipment or supplies may be left beyond end time on the permit.

Cancellation and refund policy

  1. Picnic reservations will not be refunded due to rain or inclement weather.
  2. 30 days or more in advance of the rental date: 80% refund
  3. 30 days or less in advance of rental date: No refund unless the date is re-rented. If the date is re-rented 80% will be refunded.


  1. Each facility has a maximum occupancy limit. If this occupancy is exceeded damage deposit will be forfeited.


  1. In the event of damage to the premises, the damage will be documented with photos and any repair bills will be taken from the damage deposit. If repairs exceed the damage deposit amount, balance will be invoiced to the applicant named on the reservation application.
  2. A damage deposit, in addition to the rental fee, is required. The deposit payment is required at the same time the rental fee is submitted.


  1. All rental groups using the facilities will be required to sign a waiver of liability on the rental contract form.
  2. A Certificate of Insurance is required to cover the use of specialized equipment, walks/runs or special events open to the public. A special use permit and a user fee are required.
  3. Special use permits are required for the following (but not limited to): dunk tanks, games/carnival activities, inflatables, and run/walk/bike events.