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Speed Limit Policy

In 2019, the MN State Legislature passed legislation allowing local communities to set speed limits on city-owned roadways.  Previously all speed limits were set by the State, either by statute or by analyzing the travel speeds with a speed study.  Before a city can designate local speed limits, they first must approve a speed limit policy that provides a framework for addressing speed limits on all city controlled roads.  Brooklyn Park’s City Council directed staff to begin the process of developing a draft speed limit policy.  

The policy will include a review of the city’s recent crash and speed history, national speed limit guidance and studies, and any changes must be effectively communicated to the public.  The Community Long-Range Improvement Commission will be advising the City Council on this issue. The draft policy was presented to the City Council in October for discussion. 

In December 2020, City Council approved a speed limit policy for city-owned roads that will take effect on July 1, 2021. Below is an overview of the policy:

  • Approximately 95% of city-owned roads will not have a speed limit change.
  • Maintain speed limit of 30 mph on local and Class II Collector Roads.
  • Use the 50% percentile speed, safety, and other factors outlined in policy for Class I Collector Roads and Minor Arterial Roads.
  • City Engineer will be designated as the authority to set the speed limits on roadways. Engineering staff will be conducting further analyses through June 2021 to determine the actual traffic speeds to be used by the City Engineer to set appropriate speed limits.
  • Residents can still petition the City Council to review the City Engineer’s decision and present extenuating circumstances for a different speed limit. A 2/3rds vote by Council will be needed to consider the setting of a new speed limit.
  • If a road is petitioned by residents and not approved by Council, the action cannot be voted again for 2 years unless there is a change to the characteristics of the road.
  • July 1, 2021 implementation date to allow for outreach and changing of signs.

Updates will be posted on this page as more details are confirmed. As with any policy change, we encourage residents to contact the Mayor and their Council Members to share their opinions.


August 17

October 5

October 8

December 14

December 2020

  • City staff will begin to conduct further analysis to determine the actual speed limits. Staff will then perform public outreach to inform residents of any changes and share updates.

January 2021

  • Following analysis, the speed limit was updated on 101st Avenue N between Winnetka Avenue N and Jefferson Highway N. Crews have replaced signs to indicate the new posted limit of 40 mph.

February 2021

  • Following the analysis, the speed limit on 93rd Avenue between Zane Avenue and Noble Parkway will be updated in accordance with the city’s speed limit policy beginning on on Wednesday, February 17. Crews will begin replacing signs in the area to indicate the new posted limit of 35 miles per hour. All speed limit signs will be replaced by Thursday, February 18.

July 2021

  • Approved speed limit policy takes effect on city-owned roads.