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Property Values and Taxes

Learn about how we determine property values and where your tax dollars go.

Property values

Where do my property taxes go?

Tax Dollars

When you receive your property tax bill, keep in mind your bill includes taxes from several jurisdictions, not just the City. Hennepin County and area school districts are included in the total bill. Most residents tend to blame their cities for high taxes, but actually only 41 percent of your bill goes toward city taxes. Hennepin County get 33 percent, the school district gets 19 percent, Metro taxing district gets two percent and other districts get five percent.

Where’s my tax refund?

The City of Brooklyn Park doesn’t collect taxes or process tax refunds.

Check your state property tax refund

Check your federal tax refund

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Cost of city service

When you get your property tax bill you probably dread opening it. Everyone does. But have you ever thought about how much in taxes you pay every time you go to the store? When you buy a candy bar, a few cents are added for sales tax but you probably don’t think much about it because what’s a few cents. But when you get your property tax bill it may be thousands of dollars!

Never forget that you are getting services for that money that no one else can provide you. No one else can solve the crime in your neighborhood, put out the fire in your house, lead an effort to bring more businesses and jobs to the community, make sure your road is plowed after a snowstorm or preserve the green spaces and parks that improve the beauty and quality of life in your neighborhood.

What is a levy?

A levy is a sum collected for a specific purpose. In this case, the total amount of money needed from property owners for cities, like Brooklyn Park, to deliver services.

City budget 

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