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Veterans Preference

The City of Brooklyn Park awards preference points to qualified veterans and spouses of deceased or disabled veterans.

Qualifying for veteran’s preference

Applicants must:

  • Have served on active duty in any branch of the armed forces of the United States
  • Have been honorably discharged
  • Be a citizen or resident alien of the United States

Your military service must be certified by the United States secretary of defense as active military service and a discharge under honorable conditions must be issued by the secretary.

Supporting documentation for veteran’s preference

Applicants claiming preference must supply:

  • DD214 form showing years of service and type of discharge
  • Disabled veterans must also supply official documentation from a service retirement board indicating compensable service connected disability

Spouses applying for preference points

Veteran’s preference may be used by the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran and by the spouse of a disabled veteran who, because of the disability, is unable to qualify.

Spouses must provide:

  • Their marriage certificate
  • The veteran’s DD214 showing years of service and type of discharge
  • FL21-802 or death certificate

Awarding veteran’s preference

We will award you veteran’s preference if you:

  • Meet the minimum qualifications
  • Complete the veteran’s preference sections of the employment application
  • Provide the supporting documents by the stated application deadline