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Why Talk About Equity?

Increasing equity is central to our community plan.

Equity in Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park 2025 is the plan our community created to plan for the future of our city. Goal 5 of the plan is to create partnerships that increase racial and economic equity empower residents and neighborhoods to prosper. That looks like:

  • Each resident has access to the training and support needed to get and keep a living wage job. (e.g. Job skills training, childcare)
  • Each student graduates high school with a pathway to college or career. (e.g. Pre-k, rec programs, BrookLynk)
  • Aging neighborhoods and commercial centers are revitalized through continuous investment.
  • The community provides necessary supports and services for community members to overcome life challenges such as hunger, mental illness, and homelessness.

Learn more about Brooklyn Park 2025 >

Our equity work

We encourage you to learn more about the work we’re doing around equity, and then we want you to get involved!

Equity work in Brooklyn Park