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Adopt a Park

Help us keep our parks clean and beautiful!

About the Adopt a Park program

Adopt-a-Park is a fun, educational and worthwhile program that will provide your organization or family with the opportunity to make our parks even more safe and beautiful than they already are! You can clean up and beautify a park or a stretch of trail with the assistance of the Recreation and Parks staff. This is a great way to promote civic responsibility and generate community pride.

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Applications will be reviewed daily by the City of Brooklyn Park.

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Responsibilities of volunteers

  • Volunteers may sign up for a single day or for ongoing opportunities.
  • Pick up litter in and around your adopted site at least twice per month (you provide the trash bags) and placing in trash containers at the park.
  • Reporting any vandalism, graffiti, or equipment in need of repair to the Parks Department.
  • You are welcome to plant flowers; however, if you do, you must continue to maintain them until the end of the season by weeding and watering

Who can volunteer?

People of all ages and walks of life can be an active part of Adopt a Park program. Youth must have an adult supervisor. Groups could consist of:

  • Individuals/families
  • Community organizations
  • Church groups
  • Neighborhoods
  • Service Clubs
  • Youth groups
  • Businesses
  • Schools

Choosing a park

Volunteers may adopt the park of their choice (providing it has not already been adopted).

Time commitment

The Adopt a Park program runs all year long. The time commitment is approximately one hour per week during the summer for ongoing support. Volunteers may also sign up for a single day instead.

Terms and conditions

The City of Brooklyn Park reserves the right to refuse, cancel or revise this agreement at any time for any reason.

By submitting your application, you and your group acknowledge the nature of the work and agree to comply with the terms and conditions to the satisfaction of the City of Brooklyn Park and the Recreation and Park Advisory Commission.

You and your group assume all liability and save the City of Brooklyn Park harmless from any claims for damages, actions or causes of action arising from this work or service.

Volunteering or performing any work or services under this agreement, does not make you or your group an employee of the City of Brooklyn Park and does not give you or your group rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act of Minnesota.