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Neighborhood Connections

To make Brooklyn Park an empowered and resilient community, we need active and engaged neighbors!

By creating awareness, fostering connections, strengthening neighborhood bonds, encouraging collaboration, and celebrating the diversity of our city, together we work toward achieving the vision of Brooklyn Park as a thriving community inspiring pride where opportunities exist for all.

Connect with Shanna to welcome new neighbors to Brooklyn Park, to learn about funding to assist in planning a neighborhood project or event, help maintain beautiful spaces, learn how to be a part of the Citywide Garage Sale or to invite her to speak with your Homeowners Association or neighborhood group to discover what matters to you.

She can help with all things neighborhood related!

Be part of it

  • Develop your leadership, professional and social skills
  • Increase your cultural intelligence
  • Help identify the needs of your neighborhood and be part of the solution
  • Promote a positive image of the City
  • Build a sense of unity and pride in your Brooklyn Park neighborhood

New Connect

New Connect is an exciting program where you can help welcome new residents to Brooklyn Park with a bag filled with community and city information, free gifts, and coupons for free items or services from local businesses!

New Connect started in October 2012, we welcome approximately 280 new residents per month.

Visit New Connect page >

Neighborhood Activity Fund

Residents play a key role in improving the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Brooklyn Park is offering funds to support and encourage our community members to get to know their fellow neighbors, build relationships, and work together to make their neighborhoods united, healthy and thriving.

Anyone with an idea for a project or event to improve their neighborhood should consider applying for this fund. The City is specifically looking for projects that focus on livability, building relationships and collaboration.

Visit Neighborhood Activity Fund Page >

Adopt a Park

Adopt-a-Park is a fun, educational and worthwhile program that will provide your organization or family with the opportunity to make our parks even more safe and beautiful than they already are!

  • Volunteers may sign up for a single day or for ongoing opportunities.
  • Pick up litter in and around your adopted site at least twice per month (you provide the trash bags) and placing in trash containers at the park.
  • Reporting any vandalism, graffiti, or equipment in need of repair to the Parks Department.
  • You are welcome to plant flowers; however, if you do, you must continue to maintain them until the end of the season by weeding and watering

Learn more about Adopt a Park >

Citywide Garage Sales

Meet your neighbors and score some deals at the annual Citywide Garage Sales!

Register your garage sale to be included in our online, printed, and mobile garage sale maps. Plus, get an official lawn sign and visibility through the City website and social media!

Visit Citywide Garage Sales page >


All resources, tools and sign-up information can be found on our web pages:

Neighborhoods >

Get involved >


Shanna Woods

Neighborhood Relations Specialist

Brooklyn Park is committed to ensuring that our materials are available in a variety of languages and formats.

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Get connected

To make Brooklyn Park an empowered and resilient community, we need active and engaged residents!