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Neighborhood Activity Fund

Use this opportunity to take on a fun project or event for your neighborhood!

Purpose of the fund

Residents play a key role in improving the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Brooklyn Park is offering funds to support and encourage our community members to get to know their fellow neighbors, build relationships, and work together to make their neighborhoods united, healthy and thriving.

Award amount

Up to $250 for a limited number of neighborhood projects per year.

Who should apply?

Anyone with an idea for a project or event to improve their neighborhood should consider applying for this fund. The City is specifically looking for projects that focus on livability, building relationships and collaboration. Homeowners Associations and apartment property managers can apply


  • Be intended for, located in and advertised to at least one entire Brooklyn Park neighborhood.
  • Work towards one or more of the Brooklyn Park 2025 community goals: united community, beautiful places, thriving economy, healthy and safe people, increased equity or effective, engaging government.
  • Clearly state the purpose of the project, provide a timeline, resources needed ($250 or less, not including free resources), list action steps, and other needs.
  • Meet expectations of communication, collaboration, check-ins, and professionalism.
  • Share the successes of your project with others in Brooklyn Park (written, orally, video, or photos).
  • Be open to the public and promoted widely to the identified neighborhood.

Spending fund money

  • Funding cannot be used to financially support an organization or fundraising for it in any way.
  • The city will pay vendors directly when possible. To be reimbursed, the original receipts MUST accompany the reimbursement request form, which will be provided upon request.
  • Applicants must show their project has community support with volunteer labor, donated professional services or donated materials.
  • Applicants must show how the project is being cost-effective in its request and list its expenses clearly.

City support available

These are examples of resources you can request:

  • Meeting space
  • Promotion
  • Use of a 10×10 pop-up tent
  • Technical assistance with planning
  • Other – dream up a project and we’ll see what else we may be able to offer!

Project examples

  • Neighborhood picnic in the park
  • Cultural exchange potluck or fashion show
  • Neighborhood beautification projects
  • Neighborhood talent show
  • Neighborhood kickball/dodgeball or soccer games
  • Litter pick up
  • May Day event
  • Neighborhood park event
  • Kid or pet parade
  • Neighborhood free library
  • Chili cook-off
  • Ice cream social
  • Hair/nail fashion show

Award letter

Upon request, you will be provided with an award letter to aid in your search for additional funding.

Application steps

  1. Fill out the Neighborhood Activity Fund Proposal.
  2. Attach or include any additional information or documents that support your project.
  3. Submit your proposal to the city of Brooklyn Park.

Apply here