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Boat and Watercraft License

You need to register non-motorized watercraft over 10 feet and all motorized watercraft.

Non-motorized watercraft 10 feet or less do not need to be registered. Stand up paddleboards must be registered as watercraft and display valid registration. Registration is good for 3 years. Registration expires on December 31 of the third year.

Applying for a boat or watercraft license

You must apply in person with your identification.

What to bring for registration


Sales receipt showing paid sales tax. Year, model, manufacturer, serial or hull identification number (HIN), length, type of hull material (wood, metal, or plastic), type of propulsion.


Renewal form or registration number and ID


Bill of Sale with DNR registration number, handwritten is allowed. Information to include:

  • Year
  • Model
  • Manufacturer
  • Serial or Hull Identification Number (HIN)
  • Length
  • Registration number
  • Date of sale
  • Purchase amount
  • Seller- current registered owner must sign
  • Buyers- all buyers must sign the bill of sale. All signatures must be original. They may not be pre-printed or photo-copied.

Duplicate Decal or Registration Card

Owner with ID and DNR registration number.


Registration type Fee
Renewal Registration – depending on the length and type of boat/watercraft $24.00 to $103.50
Watercraft Title $22.00
Transfer Title $17.00
Duplicate Decal $6.00
Duplicate Registration Card $10.50
Transfer of Registered Boat without Renewal $13.00

Collector watercraft

  • Watercraft built before July 1, 1959
  • Used solely as a collector’s item
  • Option to display the registration number and current decal on a detachable plate or board
  • The number size, type and decal placement is the same as noted in the Boating guide

More information for boat and watercrafts

Visit the DNR >