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Trees in a grassy park with a path in the background

Planting trees across the city provide benefits for generations to come

Trees around the city are dropping their leaves, and covered in snow, as fall gets into full swing. Over the past few months many new trees have been sprouting up across the city. 240 new saplings were planted this year and will add to the growing canopy for years to come.

This year’s plantings have outpaced any previous years, led by not only city staff but by volunteer groups. Events organized by Tree Trust brought in residents to help plant new trees in four parks across the city: Founders, Queen, Trinity and River Park.

These trees help with the city’s ongoing effort to create beautiful spaces for residents, one of the Brooklyn Park 2025 goals. They also build on the city’s partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City USA member, as it continues to use trees to improve the community, property and the health of residents. Learn more on the city’s Urban Forestry page.

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