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Brooklyn Park 2025

What do we want Brooklyn Park to be like in the year 2025? The Brooklyn Park community came up with Brooklyn Park 2025, a plan for the future of Brooklyn Park.

In 2017, city staff worked with residents to establish six goals they would like to see Brooklyn Park accomplish by 2025. Since then, the city has been hard at work to accomplish these goals! Click each goal below to learn more about it in detail. Then check out our new and improved updated community statistics to read and learn about all 6 of the community goal plans and the data we are using to track success!

United Community
Thriving Economy
Increased Equality
Beautiful Places
Healthy and Safe People
Effective, Engaging Government


1: A united and welcoming community, strengthened by our diversity

What it looks like:

  • We have connected neighbors who understand and celebrate our unique cultures.
  • Brooklyn Park is unified with a strong positive identity and image.
  • Our community’s activities, events and services are inclusive, multi-cultural, and accessible.
  • We have places and spaces for diverse communities to gather.
  • Residents of every age contribute to our community.

2: Beautiful spaces and quality infrastructure make Brooklyn Park a unique destination

What it looks like:

  • Modern transportation options (drive, ride, walk, bike) connect people to education, jobs, and recreation.
  • Quality recreation and park amenities inspire activity for all ages and interests.
  • Our rich diversity is showcased through our vibrant music, arts, food, entertainment, and cultural scene.
  • Attractive key corridors, corners, and city centers create destinations that meet community needs.
  • Quality and well-maintained housing for all ages and incomes are integrated throughout the community.

3: A balanced economic environment that empowers businesses and people to thrive.

What it looks like:

  • People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy financial stability.
  • Residents and visitors support an abundance of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  • Our business environment inspires private investment and job growth.
  • Businesses and organizations of all types, sizes and specialties start, stay and grow here. (e.g. local networks and resources support businesses)
  • We are a leader in environmental sustainability, benefiting our economy and community.

4: People of all ages have what they need to feel healthy and safe

What it looks like:

  • Neighborhoods are empowered and supported by strengthened positive relationships with police.
  • Youth are engaged in positive and quality experiences.
  • Aging adults have services and amenities to thrive and age in place.
  • Everyone has access to quality healthy food options.
  • People have access to quality medical and emergency care.

5: Partnerships that increase racial and economic equity empower residents and neighborhoods to prosper.

What it looks like:

  • Each resident has access to the training and support needed to get and keep a living wage job. (e.g. Job skills training, childcare)
  • Each student graduates high school with a pathway to college or career. (e.g. Pre-k, rec programs, BrookLynk)
  • Aging neighborhoods and commercial centers are revitalized through continuous investment.
  • The community provides necessary supports and services for community members to overcome life challenges such as hunger, mental illness, and homelessness.

6: Effective and engaging government recognized as a leader.

What it looks like:

  • The City provides quality services at a reasonable cost.
  • Elected officials, commissions, and city staff reflect the diversity of the community and are culturally competent.
  • City information is clear, accessible, and delivered in ways that meet the community’s needs.
  • City laws are understandable, equitably enforced, and relevant to the community.
  • The City is well-managed and recognized as a great place to work.

About the plan

While the City of Brooklyn Park is working to accomplish this plan through clear, measurable steps, BP2025 isn’t just a plan for City Hall. It’s a plan for our entire community.

We know many of these goals aren’t in the power of city government. We need your help. Every adult, youth, business, school, and organization can contribute to make these goals a reality. Let’s put our resources together to make Brooklyn Park a thriving community, inspiring pride, where opportunities exist for all.

Getting to work

The City is coordinating with other organizations and community members on what everyone is working on.

For the city’s part, we have project teams and plans around short-term priorities and projects. Each department has business plans around Brooklyn Park 2025, so we’re all working toward achieving the goals.

You can help!

Stay engaged! Come to our monthly Community Assembly or sign up for emails. 

Get creative! Get creative about how you, your family, your neighborhood or organization can help achieve the Brooklyn Park 2025 community goals.