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Dance Classes

Our dance classes focus on fun, friendship, and footwork.

Brooklyn Park Dance

The goal of our program is to teach the fundamentals of dance in a welcoming environment for all ability levels. Self-esteem is more important than perfection.

Our class offerings include

  • Tap, ballet, jazz with an infusion of lyrical and hip hop
  • Lyrical production
  • Pointe
  • VIP – Very Important Partner
  • Adult classes


  • Tiny Dancers: preschool to 2nd grade
  • Intermediate dancers: grades 3 to 9
  • Senior dancers: grades 10 to 12
  • Adults: ages 18 and up
  • Specialty classes

Register for dance classes

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Age not ability

As fun and friendship are two of our primary goals, dancers in our program do not audition for class placement. Our dancers enroll based on their current grade-level. This practice allows friends to be in class together and for new dancers to feel welcome starting at any time.

Dance-life balance

Do you have a child that wants to be a dancer, but also a hockey player, ninja, gymnast, softball player, actor, musician, or mathlete? Limited class time and only one recital weekend per year means there is still a lot of room in the schedule for all of their other interests.

Full recital experience

Learning to dance is a wonderful experience, but ask many dancers what they like best and it’s the sparkly costumes! We work hard to put together a themed recital full of beautifully rehearsed dances. Our costumes are age-appropriate and affordable and our show is well produced. It is a fun weekend when our dancers get to be center stage and receive the applause they’ve worked so hard to earn.

Program structure and registration

Our classes generally meet once per week from September through April. Classes are 35 to 45 minutes in length based on age level. Please see the Get Up and Go brochure for complete class listings and fees. Register online or by calling 763-493-8333.