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Campfires and Outdoor Burning

Recreational Fires

Recreational fires include bonfires and fire pits. Small campfires are allowed in Brooklyn Park year round for recreational or religious purposes only. Campfires are allowed if you follow all recreational fire requirements.


  1. Fuel area can be a maximum of three feet in diameter.
  2. Flames can be a maximum of two feet above ground level.
  3. Fire pits must be a minimum of 25 feet from buildings.
  4. Fires in an approved container must be a minimum of 15 feet from structures
    • Aboveground fire pits and chimneys are considered approved containers.
  5. No flammable liquids are allowed to start or maintain fire.
  6. Burn only charcoal or clean wood
    • Cannot burn stained, painted, varnished, or chemically treated wood.
  7. Leaves, grass or other items that will produce heavy smoke cannot be burned.
  8. Person or persons must be present to supervise the fire until such fire has been extinguished.
  9. Water source for extinguishment or fire extinguisher must be available near pit.


No permit is needed for campfires. If you’re thinking of something larger like a bonfire, then a permit is required.

Campfire. Means of Extinguishment. 2 ft. in Height. 3 ft. in Width. 25 ft. from structure and Combustibles.

Burning restrictions

Recreational fires are still allowed if there are burning restrictions in place.

Burning bans

They are not allowed if there is a burning ban, which is used only in the most severe conditions. The only times recreational fires are not allowed in Brooklyn Park is if:

  • The Fire Chief declares a burning ban
  • Hennepin County is shaded red on the DNR’s Current Burning Restrictions map.

Is there a burning ban?

This is a sample map showing Hennepin County in red.

Fire Map

See the Current Burning Restrictions map from the Department of Natural Resources.

Local fire bans will be determined by the Fire Chief and will be posted on this website and social media.

Brooklyn Park Fire Facebook

Large outdoor burning (bonfires)

Fires larger than 2’ x 3’ are allowed year round, but are by permit only. These permits are issued under very restrictive circumstances. There is a daily charge for the permit.

View the Open Burn permit >

Requirements for large open burning

Most residential areas do not meet the requirements for open burning, which include:

The location of burning cannot be within 600 feet from:

  • Any road or high power line
  • Any occupied residence other than those located on the property