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Fire Permits, Inspections and Investigations

We conduct general inspections on all commercial businesses in Brooklyn Park. The Fire Department Inspection/Investigation Division is under the direction of the city’s fire marshal. Day-to-day operations are led by the deputy fire marshals.

Fire permit applications

The fire department processes permits for fire protection systems, cooking exhaust cleaning, firework sales and more. See additional city permits here.

Installation and modifications to fire protection systems, such as fire sprinklers/suppression systems, fire alarms, and cooking suppression systems require a permit. Certain operational activities such as temporary tents/canopies, firework sales, above or below ground fuel storage, gas cylinder storage, and fuel dispensing operations also require a permit. To get started, apply online and submit your project documents. Plan review staff will examine the project and approve before a permit is issued. Projects not needing a plan review need only to submit the scope of the project and any technical documents (i.e., cut sheets) of items to be installed. Projects requiring a plan review include the following:

  • Fire sprinkler/suppression system installation/modification of 10 or more sprinkler heads
  • Fire alarm installation/modification of any new or upgraded items (City of Brooklyn Park required a UL Certificate for fire alarm systems: City Code 93A.04(E))
  • Cooking suppression system installation/modification
  • Fuel tank installation or removal
  • Tent/canopy over 400 square feet (enclosed) or 700 square feet (open on all sides)
  • Fireworks sales (in-store and outside)
  • Gas cylinder storage (permit requirements vary based on quantity and type(s) of gases)
  • New or modified fuel dispensing operations

Contact the Fire Marshal Division at with any questions

Hood cleaners

This is a list of frequently used hood cleaners in Brooklyn Park.

Company name Phone
A & L Lakes Cleaning LLC AKA Lakes Hoods and Vent Cleaning 612-308-5761
AA Hoods 952-215-2786
Adom Steemer 651-808-7130
Alpine Diversified Service Inc 763-497-4186
Brothers Industrial Cleaning 651-731-9134
Enviromatic Corporation 612-861-3330
Greasebusters 763-577-0273
Midwest Hoodvents 651-560-3777
Red Star Services 888-225-0816
Summit 651-521-1880
Torres Hood Cleaning 612-275-8889

Fire investigations

The Brooklyn Park Fire department conducts origin and cause investigation on all fires that occur within Brooklyn Park. Investigations are performed by professional, internationally certified fire staff. Investigators attend regular trainings to exceed industry minimum standards to best assist our community after a fire.

Arson tip hotline

If you have information regarding the setting of any fire, contact the Arson Hotline at 1-800-723-2020. Rewards of up to $1,000 are offered for information leading to the identification of persons responsible.

Arson Hotline

Request a fire report

Fire reports are available to homeowner’s, insurance personnel and other related parties and are generally available 72 hours after the fire.

Request a fire report

Fire inspections

Request an environmental assessment

Environmental assessments are available on commercial properties as part of a sales transaction and indicate the general safety conditions at the site.

Request an environmental assessment