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Arbor Day Tree Sale

In celebration of Arbor Day, the City offers bare root trees at wholesale prices to residents.

About bare-root trees

The trees are sold in bare root form. The average caliper size of these trees is 1 to 1.5 inches with an average height of 8 to 10 feet. These bare root trees do not meet newly constructed home landscape requirements of 2 inches. For best results these trees will need to be planted the same day they are picked up.

Price and Ordering details

  • The cost per tree is between $37 and $85 depending on the species.
  • Trees are on a first order basis
  • Trees must be pre-paid
  • Limit 10 trees per Brooklyn Park household
  • 215 trees in total are available

No refunds or replacements

The City does not assume responsibility for the successful transplanting of these trees. Weather conditions, methods of handling and aftercare govern the results. Trees will be sold with the understanding that if they arrive in good condition and are accepted, the city’s responsibility ceases. Therefore, we do not give out refunds or replace trees that fail.

We do not give refunds for trees not picked up.


Orders received after April 23, 2021 may not be accepted or filled, due to a limited supply.

Placing an order

Picking up your tree

Trees will be available for pick up Saturday May 1, 2021, 8-11 a.m.

Operations & Maintenance facility
8300 Noble Ave. N.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

  • Bring your Arbor Day reminder post card, sales receipt or drivers license.
  • Bring a vehicle large enough to hold your purchase.
  • For best results these trees will need to be planted the same day they are picked up.

Call before you dig!

Have underground utilities located in your yard before you dig? Contact Gopher State One call at 651-454-0002 at least two working days in advance.

Available trees

Name Picture Description Price
Birch Whitespire Birch Whitespire Chalky white non exfoliating bark, more resistant to the birch bore.  Thrives in a wide range of soils.  Height: 40’, Spread: 25’ Foliage: Dark Green, Fall Foliage: Yellow Zone: 3. $42
Coffee Tree, Espresso coffee tree espresso A male selection of Coffee Tree that does not set fruit.
Height: 60’, Spread: 50’
Foliage: Green, Fall Foliage: Golden-Yellow
Zone: 4
Apple, Honeycrisp     Apple honeycrisp Exceptionally
crisp and juicy.  Flavor is sweet but
right for eating, cooking or baking. 
Ripens in September. A 1991 University of Minnesota patented
Height: 10-14’,
Spread: 8-10’, Exposure: Full Sun, Zone: 3-7.
Plane Tree London Exclamation Plane Tree London London plane trees grow wild in Europe and are increasingly cultivated in the United States. These are tall, sturdy, easy-grow trees. The trunks of London plane trees are straight, while the spreading branches droop slightly, creating graceful ornamental specimens for large backyards. The leaves are lobed like stars. They are bright green and huge.
Height: 100’, Spread: 80’
Zone: 5-9.
Maple Sienna Glen (Acer freemanii “Sienna”)   maple sienna glen A very hardy Freemanii maple from St. Paul Minnesota.  Noted for its excellent branching habit that is more compact than other varieties. Height: 50-60’, Spread: 40’, Shape: Pyramidal Foliage: Green, Fall Foliage: yellow to Red Exposure: Full Sun, Zone: 3. $65
Crab Prairiefire       Crab Prairiefire ‘Prairifire’ is a dense, rounded, deciduous tree which typically grows 15-20′ tall with a similar spread. Pinkish-red buds open to slightly fragrant, deep pink-red flowers (1.5″ diameter) in spring. Flowers are followed by masses of small, purplish-red crabapples (to 1/2″ diameter) which mature in the fall. Zone: 4-8. $36
Larch America/Tamarak
5 Container
Larch America A native larch with a pyramidal habit that becomes more open and drooping as it matures. Prefers, moist, well-drained acidic soils. Height: 40-80’, Spread: 15-30’, Zone: 2-5. $42
Ginko Autumn Gold ginko An upright broadly conical form. Insect and disease free. Excellent yellow fall color. Height 50’ Spread. 30’. Zone 4-8. $67
Buckeye, Autumn Splendor   buckeye A tree perfectly suited for use in smaller landscapes. Showy pink flowers in the spring, disease resistant.
Height: 35’, Spread: 25’, Shape: Rounded, Foliage: Dark Green, Fall Foliage: Yellow, Exposure: Full Sun Zone: 5-9.
Oak Heritage Oak Heritage Foliage is dark green, tatter and mildew resistant. This oak will product acorns. Height 60’ Spread 40’ Zone 4. $56
Oak Red Oak Red Fast growing native oak with pyramidal form when young; rounded symmetrical habit when older. Glossy, green leaves have pointed lobes, turn bright red in the fall.
Height: 60-80’ Spread: 40-50’.
Zone 3.
Redbud Cercis Tree redbud cercis Rosy pink flowers appear in April. Reddish-purple leaves change to dark green, then to yellow. Forms a spreading, graceful crown. Full sun or light shade. Partial shade preferred in windy, dry areas.
Height 20′ to 30′, Spread 30’. Zone 4-9.
Serviceberry Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry A cultivar that delivers visual interest nearly year-round, the Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry lives up to its name. Spring blooms give way to summer fruit, perfect for making jams and jellies. Finally, brilliant fall tones take center stage later in the year. Does best in full sun.
Height 15’-25’ Spread 15’-25’ Zone 4-9
Elm Valley Forge Elm Valley Forge Fast growing and tolerates poor conditions. Resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.
Height: 60-70’, Spread: 60-70’, Shape: vase-shaped
Foliage: Green, Fall Foliage: Yellow
Zone-4-7. Pyramidal shape with small leaves. Develops a sturdy trunk. Height: 50’, Spread: 35’ Zone: 3
Lilac, Ivory Silk Lilac A selection of Japanese Tree Lilac with a more compact, dense growth habit than the species. Large creamy white flower clusters bloom in mid-June.
Height: 25’, Spread: 15’
Foliage: Dark Green, Fall Foliage: Insignificant Shape: compact, Oval
Zone: 3
Blue Beech Blue Beech Native tree commonly called ‘Musclewood” due to its bark habit. Prefers rich, moist, slightly acidic soil and partial shade. Will tolerate dry conditions.
Height: 20-30’, Spread 30’
Foliage: Dark Green, Fall Foliage: Orange to Red
Ironwood, American Ironwood Slow growing hardwood tree, native, attractive brown leaves that stay on all winter. Prefers rich, moist, well drained, slightly acidic soil, but will tolerate dry sites.
Height: 50’ Spread: 25’
Foliage: Green; Fall Foliage: Yellow, Shape: Broad, oval
Zone: 3
Locust Skyline Locust Skyline Pyramidal shape with small leaves. Develops a sturdy trunk.
Height: 50’, Spread: 35’
Zone: 3