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Tater Daze Parade

Date and time

Thurs., June 13, 6:30 p.m.


Phone and email


Parade route

The parade will start at the west entrance of Noble Sports Park at Regent Avenue North. It will head north on Regent then west on 101st ending at Welcome Avenue North.

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The parade will start at the west entrance of Noble Sports Park at Regent Avenue. It will head north on Regent then west on 101st ending at Welcome Avenue.


Type Deadline
Early Bird March 15, 2019
Regular May 1, 2019



Type of unit Early Bird Regular
Public safety or military Free Free
Ambassador or royalty Free Free
Marching band Free Free
Community group $25 $50
Business $150 $225
Politicians $150 $225

An entry is considered 100 people or less. If your group will have more than 100 participants, you must pay two entry fees.


All units MUST provide a certificate of insurance of Automobile Liability for bodily injury and property damage with a combined single limit of at least $500,000 and naming the following business as additional insured:

City of Brooklyn Park
5200 85th Ave N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

Car clubs and private vehicles may submit their private insurance card and declarations page for vehicle liability insurance in lieu of a certificate of insurance.

All equestrian units must provide proof of liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage with combined single limits of $500,000.00.

Please note, we must have evidence of your insurance in our possession setting forth the limits of liability provided and the name of your insurance company before we can officially accept your entry into the parade.


To be considered for acceptance in the parade, all units will need to:

  • Complete and sign the Tater Daze parade application
  • Turn in TV commentary
  • Submit the appropriate entry fee
  • Submit certificate of insurance

Your first acceptance notification will be the deposit of your entry fee.

During the last week of May, the Tater Daze team will send you set-up time, specific route information including a map with parking locations and your line-up number.

Event producers have the right to change the parade line-up, if needed.


By submitting an application you agree all participants of your entry will follow the Tater Daze parade rules, Tater Daze representatives and law enforcement officials.

Individuals and organizations are expected to perform courteously, in good taste and with safety in mind at all times during the assembly, execution and dispersal of the parade.

Everyone must respect and follow the directions of all volunteers, police, reserves, city staff and Tater Daze representatives.

Failure to comply with this rule will result in a 3 year ban and/or immediate removal from the parade.


All drivers must be licensed, insured and adequately trained to drive their unit.

Please retain your assigned line-up number so our commentators may give accurate information about you and/or your group.

Skipping ahead in line will result in removal from the parade.

Bad weather

What happens if there is bad weather?

If there is bad weather before the parade, Tater Daze representatives and law enforcement officials will decide if it is severe enough to cancel or delay the parade and will inform all units.

These are general guidelines for severe weather:

  • If there is light rain, the parade will take place.
  • If there is heavy rain, lightning, thunder or hail close to start time, there will be a half-hour delay.
  • After the delay, Tater Daze representatives and law enforcement officials will decide whether or not to cancel the parade.

There are no refunds in the event of weather cancellation or other acts of God.


For up to the minute information like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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Handing things out during the parade

You can hand out flyers, coupons, stickers, lanyards, rub on tattoos, flags, lip balm, business cards, necklaces, small toys, candy and other promotional items.

Items and especially candy may NOT be thrown from vehicles.

Items must be handed out by people 14 years and older walking along the curb in front of their unit.

Throwing from the middle of the street poses many hazards. We will immediately remove you from the parade if you are caught throwing items.

Music in the parade

Portable amplification equipment for music or group singing is permitted.

Monitor the volume so sound does not overpower the musical units adjacent to your unit in the parade.

Tater Daze reserves the right to control the level of the sound coming from your unit.

People in your group

You agree to have no more than 100 participants per unit.

If you have more than 100 people, you must pay two entry fees.

For groups with youth and children, there must be one adult for every ten children 12 and under in your parade unit. It is suggested that children under 8 years old do not walk in the parade but ride in a vehicle.

Space between groups

Please maintain no more than three car lengths between you and the units in front and behind you. This includes all performance groups.

Apply to be in the parade

Apply to be in the parade here.

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