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Scholarships and Fee Assistance

The City of Brooklyn Park provides fee assistance for all residents of Brooklyn Park to participate in programs.  

Assistance will reduce fees up to 75% based on income and household size. Additional fee reduction may be available for families experiencing homelessness or for children that are considered wards of the state. 

The maximum scholarship amount is $400 per person, per year.  

Additional fee assistance is available for Summer Camp and Summer Fusion.  

Scholarships are not available for facility use fees, athletic leagues, private lessons, or trips. 

How to access scholarships

  1. Scholarships can be requested in person or over the phone at the time of registration.
    • Staff will help determine which reduction amount will apply. 
  2. Use the income guidelines in the chart below to determine which level you qualify for.
    • Please use annual adjusted gross income (before deductions). If you are experiencing recent job loss, please use your unemployment benefit amount as income. 
  3. You will not be required to show proof of income, but your account may be audited at any time. 

Who can receive a scholarship? 

Scholarships are available to current residents of Brooklyn Park of any age, including adults. 

How long can the scholarship be used for? 

This scholarship will remain in place through the end of the calendar year 2022. You are welcome to re-apply each year.  

Fee assistance by income

Household size
(as listed on the 1040 tax form)
Yearly income Yearly income Yearly income
1 More than $23,829 $23,828–16,745 Less than $16,744
2 More than $32,227 $22,647–32,226 Less than $22,646
3 More than $40,627 $28,547–40,626 Less than $28,548
4 More than $49,026 $34,451–49,025 Less than $34,450
5 More than $57,425 $40,353–57,424 Less than $40,352
6 More than $65,824 $46,255–65,823 Less than $46,254
7 More than $74,223 $52,156–74,222 Less than $52,156
8 More than $82,622 $58,059–82,621 Less than $58,058
9+ Add $5,902 for each additional family member Add $8,399 for each additional family member Add $8,399 for each additional family member
Pay 100% of fee Pay 50% of fee Pay 25% of fee


If you have any questions about scholarships and fee assistance,
please call 763-493-8333.