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Engineering permits

Right of Way Permits

A Right of Way permit is required when work is performed within the City owned Right of Way, which is typically 14 feet behind the curb of most City streets. This includes:

Engineering Plan Review

An Engineering Plan Review request is required when a public agency, consultant, or contractor is submitting plans for City review. This includes:

  • Road/utility reconstruction
  • Traffic control plan
  • Traffic signal
  • Pedestrian facilities

Note: Development/redevelopment projects shall go through the appropriate permits (i.e. Building permit, Planning permit)

Small Cell Permits

Small Cell facilities are low-powered antennas that provide cellular and data coverage to smaller geographic areas, supplementing the larger cellular network and improving service for wireless customers. An application for small cell facilities is required when an applicant wishes to install small cell facilities within the public rights-of-way.


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