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Driveway Permits

Let us help you make sure your driveway alteration get done right!

When is a permit required?

Driveway permits are required when a resident or contractor is:

  1. Proposing work that alters in any way the existing curb and gutter. For example, a resident wants to remove a steep curb and gutter and replace it with a driveway apron of lesser slope, or wants to saw off the top of the existing sloped curb leaving the gutter intact.
  2. Wants to simply remove and replace the existing curb and gutter.

How wide can my driveway be paved?

  • The maximum width within the right-of-way is 30 feet.
  • The minimum width for a driveway is 12 feet within Brooklyn Park right-of-way.
  • Outside of City of Brooklyn Park right-of-way, you may have any width of driveway as long as it conforms to the standards.

See a drawing of a typical driveway layout (PDF) >

How close to my property line can the driveway be located?

You must remain at least 5 feet away from your side property line, and 38 feet from any intersecting street if your property is on a corner lot.

What is the permit fee?