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Nature Preschool

Combining early childhood education with environmental awareness.


Every child entrusted in our care is encouraged to explore, investigate, and learn about the world around them, as well as their own individuality. We strongly value our natural environment and meaningful outdoor experiences.

Program description

We prepare our students for kindergarten through child-led and hands-on learning experiences where children can ask questions, explore materials, and discover answers and solutions. We have big goals for our students – we want them to be life-long learners, creative problem solvers, caretakers of the earth, and exceptional team players. A typical day at our school includes time in both our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Using our nature-based curriculum, our students spend a significant amount of time outside every day in large and small groups learning and exploring with nature. In our indoor classroom we have created an environment that feels like home and we use items made from natural materials as much as possible. When planning our lessons, we use a whole-child approach that is focused on the individual needs and interests of our students to ensure that they are engaged and making progress in their learning.

Brooklyn Park Nature Preschool, a partnership between the City of Brooklyn Park and Osseo Area Schools, is a nature-based program designed for children ages 3 to 5. Each class has a maximum of 20 students with three lead teachers. We also have a naturalist from Three Rivers Park District who visits our classroom. Our curriculum blends best practice standards from both early childhood education and environmental education, and our teachers have experience in both areas. Their variety of experience and expertise is an asset to our program.

Best practice and kindergarten readiness research is showing that children learn best when they have the opportunity to be hands-on with classroom materials and participate in small group activities with other children and a teacher. Inquiry-based learning methods teach children to ask questions, investigate, and ultimately learn how to learn. We incorporate these practices every day and make sure we are using research-based teaching methods.

Program goals

The goals of our program are:

  • Focus on the whole child–prepare students for kindergarten and for life
  • Develop awareness of self and the environment
  • Approach learning through both early childhood education and environmental education best practices
  • Develop stewards of the environment
  • Inclusive and equitable learning community

A preschool group learning from an instructor.Preschoolers look at an inchworm on a branch.


We will keep you updated on what we are working on and what the children are learning through daily, weekly, and monthly communication methods. We will also have a parent bulletin board you can reference for copies of our calendar, newsletters, snack lists, and more.

A parent packet with more information will be sent out in August before the start of the school year.