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Rescue crews save man’s life twice

(Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, April 25, 2019) – North Memorial Health in partnership with the Lifesaver award recipientscity of Brooklyn Park recognized the lifesaving responses of North Memorial Health paramedics, Brooklyn Park police and firefighters.

Today, Mayor Jeffrey Lunde gave the North Memorial Health Life Saver awards to Brooklyn Park Firefighters: James Rogers, Joe Tiedeman, Dan Krier, Rob Miller, Dan Smith, Ron Sederstrom, Mark Lynde, Mike Maurer and Brooklyn Park Police Officers: Rob Anderson, Michael Stahnke and Sergeant Steve Palmquist. He also awarded North Memorial Health Paramedics: Jenn Hayden, Kathy Welsh, John Speth and Rob Dore.

On March 10, Rich Peil, 52, suffered cardiac arrest after plowing snow at his home in Brooklyn Park. His wife called 911 and performed CPR until rescue crews arrived at their home. Once at their home, Brooklyn Park firefighters and police used a CPR device called, “ResQPump,” and shocked Peil twice until he got a pulse back. Crews prepared Peil for the ambulance and Peil began to lose his breath. North Memorial Health paramedics used cardioversion to help Peil breathe again and rushed him to the hospital. When Peil arrived at the hospital, he suffered cardiac arrest again and was resuscitated. He later returned home.

On March 22, Peil’s wife called 911 because Peil was not breathing. Brooklyn Park firefighters and police responded and performed CPR along with defibrillation. Peil’s pulse returned. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital. While there, doctors placed an internal defibrillator in Peil’s chest.

Today, Peil is able to work and live his life without any neurological deficits.

“After six minutes without oxygen and the heart stops, a person can become brain-dead,” said Fire Chief Cunningham. “We are happy to say that with the help of family, Brooklyn Park Police, Brooklyn Park Fire and North Memorial Health Ambulance/Hospital that Rich is able to work and live. This was a true team effort, not once, but twice to help save his life.”

“I am so proud of the partnership and work of the Brooklyn Park Firefighters, Brooklyn Park Police and North Memorial Health,” said Mayor Jeffrey Lunde. “When residents call 911, this is the service that should be expected. Passionate, quick thinking and collaboration to keep our community healthy and safe.”

For more than 20 years, North Memorial Health has issued Life Saver awards. The awards are only given out when the patient makes a full recovery and is discharged from the hospital. The recipients are individuals involved with the resuscitation of a cardiac arrest.

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