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Norwood Park

The city of Brooklyn Park offers park buildings and picnic pavilions of all sizes available to reserve for your family reunion, business picnic or neighborhood gathering. Please call 763-493-8333 with any questions and to check available dates.


Update July 20, 2022The redevelopment of Hartkopf, Lakeland and Norwood parks is substantially complete.

Update December 31, 2021: The redevelopment of the outdoor spaces at Norwood Park are substantially complete. The improvements include new walking trails with solar lighting, replacement of a portion of the playground, development of a new nature play area, construction of a new multi-sport green space and construction of a new recreation building with attached shelter. The new building will serve as a space for recreation programming, summer camp location and as a neighborhood community rental space for graduations, birthday parties, and other small gatherings. The building construction will be complete in February with some exterior finishing touches to be completed when the weather allows in the Spring.

Update September 14, 2021: Work began at Norwood Park during the week of June 7th. The new trails have graded and the trails on the east side of the park have been paved. The parking lot has been reduced in width (same number of stalls) with curb and gutter being poured the week of August 9th. The new playground will be installed in late August. The new building is about 40% complete with the storm shelter portion walls and ceiling complete.

The Park redevelopment projects are expected to be substantially complete by the end of October. With some restoration work expected to be needed in Spring of 2022.

Update June 1, 2021: Crews will begin moving equipment in Wednesday or Thursday to make improvements to Norwood Park. Parking lot access off Newton Avenue will be closed. The pickleball and tennis courts will remain open, but participants must park in the parking lot on 82nd Avenue and walk to the courts. The park will be closed for other activities once construction has started

Update April 8, 2021: The Park Redevelopment Projects were advertised for bid on December 31, 2020. Ebert Construction was awarded the contract for construction at the February 22, 2021 City Council meeting. Alternates #1 (additional bathroom at Hartkopf Park), #2A, #3A, #4A (solar trail lighting at Hartkopf, Lakeland and Norwood), and #5 (mill/overlay of Lakeland Park parking lot) were included for a final contract of $3,506,500. The estimated budget for this project is $4M. The City will provide many of the site furnishings (picnic tables, grills, basketball hoops, etc.) that are not factored into cost of the contract with Ebert Construction. Work is expected to begin in April 2021.

Update December 29, 2020: LHB and City staff have finalized the construction documents for the park redevelopments at Hartkopf, Lakeland and Norwood parks. The project was advertised for bid on December 31st with bids due on January 28th. The project is expected to go to City Council to be awarded on February 8th.  Construction will begin in April 2021 with substantial completion by November 15, 2021. Any remaining restoration of turf will be done in the Spring of 2022.

Update November 23, 2020: LHB is working on finalizing the construction documents for the park redevelopments. Staff reviewed the final construction documents on November 5th and made a few final modifications to be submitted to LHB for the final bid package.  The project is planned to go out for bid in early December with work beginning in May 2021.

Update: October 28, 2020: Staff and LHB are now working on finalizing the construction documents for the park redevelopments. Staff will receive a draft of construction documents the week of November 2. Final construction document review will be held with LHB on November 17.  The project is planned to go out for bid in early December with work beginning in May 2021.

Update September 22. 2020: The planning and construction bid document development is 90% complete at this time. Staff have been reviewing the construction documents with Loeffler Construction and LHB, Inc to generate cost estimates to be sure the projects are on budget. The project is planned to go out for bid in early December with work beginning in May 2021.

Start date

Construction to begin Spring 2021

End date

Construction to end Fall 2021


The updated Master Plan includes adding a park building with restrooms to support neighborhood youth summer day camps, pickleball activity, basketball court, replacement of the shelter that was removed, creating multi-purpose field space, a nature play area and creating neighborhood connections and loop trails within the park.

Funding source

The master planning, design development and redevelopment of Norwood Park is being funded through the $26 million Park Bond Referendum that voters approved in November 2018.