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Historic Eidem Farm Interpretive Development Plan


The Historic Eidem Farm Interpretive Development Plan is complete. View Historic Eidem Farm’s webpage here.

Project Overview

Blue Stem Heritage Group has been hired to develop the Interpretive Plan for the entire Eidem Farm site to include:

  • Signage plan to articulate the where, what, and how of the signs on site.
  • Interior exhibit concept plan and enough program development to understand the space, staffing, and material needs for a new building.
  • Exterior exhibit plan for animal, crops, space, and material needs of the new site.
  • Messaging, Budget, and Work Plan guidance to communicate the history of the site, and better understand what the budget and next steps for interpretive development should be.

Funding source

The master planning and design development are being funded through the $26 million Park Bond Referendum that voters approved in November 2018.

View Eidem Farm master plan >