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Become a Brooklynk Intern

Make the investment of a lifetime – join BrookLynk today!

What is a BrookLynk internship?

BrookLynk coordinates 6-10 weeks of paid summer internships with local employers in Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park, and surrounding areas. BrookLynk summer internships are more than just a summer job, they are a stepping stone for young people as they begin their pathway to college and career. BrookLynk internships provide young people an opportunity to build their skills, gain valuable work experience, and grow their social capital.

Benefits of Becoming a BrookLynk Intern

  • You gain valuable and unique resume experience
  • You will develop essential skills
  • An opportunity to explore careers that interest you
  • An opportunity to build your professional network
  • Grow your bank account
  • Join the BrookLynk family!


  • January 2 – Get Ready!
  • February 13 – Application window opens
  • March 26 – Applications close
  • April 1 – Mock interviews
  • April 7-21 – Interview match
  • April 28-May 5 – Interviews
  • June 13 – Orientation
  • June 20 – Start your internship!

Check eligibility

You can check your eligibility at


“My BrookLynk internship was a booster for me because without this opportunity I wouldn’t have known how I would pursue a career in the technology field or if I even wanted to. Working in IT made me realize how many career opportunities there are for me in the field”

Hawa D, Intern, Brooklyn Center Community Schools

“At first, I wasn’t sure if my internship was the right fit, but I ended up loving it so much. I was introduced to things I never thought I’d see and experience. By working in the community, my internship helped me find something I’m passionate about. “

Stephany A, Intern, City of Brooklyn Park