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Become a BrookLynk Employer

Since 2015, BrookLynk has been proud to partner with committed employers of all sizes and industries – from large multinational companies to small family-owned businesses to local government agencies and school districts – to address our regional workforce needs. Join industry leaders and make the strategic investment to strengthen your organization’s talent pipeline

Employers who participate in BrookLynk are leaders in their respective industries as they understand the importance of investing in young people to ensure our region has a dynamic and skilled future workforce. Their investment ensures that we are preparing our young people to be the highly skilled and diverse workforce that our community needs in this global economy.

BrookLynk partners with local employers, ranging from large multinational companies to small family-owned businesses, to coordinate paid summer internships that introduce a dynamic and diverse population of young people from Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park to a variety of career opportunities.

Connected nearly 200 highly motivated and trained young people to professional internship opportunities with over 20 different businesses and organizations. BrookLynk isn’t just a strategy to increase a businesses or organization’s social capital, it’s also a strategy to create a local talent pipeline and to get assistance on several projects during the summer. 

As BrookLynk grows its impact in the community, we are looking to engage employer partners that want to make a meaningful investment in the community and their organization.


If your business or organization is interested in learning more about BrookLynk or hosting an intern this summer, please contact Program Manager Fred DuBose at