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Rules and Regulations

City charter

Adopted September 9, 1969, the City Charter which in effect is a local constitution the local voters adopted by referendum provides for a council-manager form of government.

The City Council exercises the legislative and executive power of the City of Brooklyn Park and determines all City policies.

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City code

Our full code of ordinances is hosted by American Legal Publishing

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2030 Comprehensive Plan

Cover Page and Acknowledgments (PDF)

Table of Contents (PDF)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 2 - Background (PDF)

Chapter 3 - Land Use (PDF)

Chapter 4 - Housing (PDF)

Chapter 5 - Transportation (PDF)

Chapter 6 - Utilities (PDF)

Chapter 7 - Public Facilities and Recreational Opportunities (PDF)

Chapter 8 - Environmental Protection (PDF)

Chapter 9 - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (PDF)

Chapter 10 - Implementation Program (PDF)

Common codes

Learn and follow these common city codes and you will improve the quality of life in your neighborhood.


The City of Brooklyn Park’s curfew policy for children:

Age Day Home by time
Under 12 Sunday through Thursday 9 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 10 p.m.
12, 13, 14 Sunday through Thursday 10 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 11 p.m.
15, 16, 17 Sunday through Thursday 11 p.m.
Friday and Saturday midnight



Graffiti is a crime and the Police Department should be called to investigate. After a police report is filed, you will need to remove the graffiti immediately.


Lighting and glare

Outdoor lights must be controlled and not be a problem to neighbors. Lighting must not produce too much glare.


Be kind to your neighbors. Between 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. is quiet time. No shouting, loud parties, loud cars, radio, fireworks, equipment noise, etc. is allowed.

Home maintenance and additions


There are many different rules when building a fence on your property. You will need a building permit if you plan to build a fence more than seven feet tall. Be sure you know where your property lines are before you build.

House numbers

Address numbers must be attached to the house, at least six (6) inches in height, and clearly seen from the street.

Housing/structure maintenance

The siding, roof and foundation of all buildings and structures must be in good repair. Decks and fences must be safe and in good condition. The siding on all buildings/structures must be free from deterioration or chipping paint.

Lawn and landscape maintenance

Grass and weeds must be less than eight (8) inches tall. Grass must be mowed up to the street. Storm-water ponds and ditches do not have to follow these rules. Noxious weeds must be destroyed.

No bare dirt should be seen on property. All grounds in yard must be covered.

Residential pools

Pools or hot tubs over two feet deep must be fully enclosed with at least a four-foot high fence. For above ground pools, the sides of the pool may be used as the barrier if they are four feet high and the ladder or steps are removed when not in use.


Sheds, recreational equipment, decks, pools and patios are not allowed in the front yard and cannot be closer than five feet from the side and back property lines.  Driveways cannot be closer than five feet of the side property line. Corner lot setbacks may vary.

Snow removal

Snow must be cleared from the sidewalk within 48 hours of the snowfall stopping. Owners and residents are required to remove snow from the sidewalk.

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City Hall

5200 85th Ave. N.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
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Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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