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Youth Scholarships

We won’t deny a child’s participation in a city recreation program because of a financial barrier.

About the youth scholarship fund

Brooklyn Park recreation programs are open to everyone.

This fund ensures more youth can participate in community programs, allows equal access to all families, and assists all who may not be able to afford the full registration cost.

Scholarships provide a financial benefit for youth and families by reducing recreation program fees up to 50 percent, 75 percent or 100 percent! There is a limit of $400 per child per year.

Donate to the fund

Get up and give today. All donations are tax deductible and come with a receipt.

Donate now to the Youth Scholarship Fund

Requirements to apply for a youth scholarship

  • Must be a Brooklyn Park resident, age 17 or younger
  • Proof of annual income is required with the application (most recent 1040 tax form)
  • Payment plans can be arranged at time of registration
  • Scholarship forms must be completed every time you enroll a child in a program and tax form must be presented
  • Scholarships are available for military families as well. Please bring a copy of your sponsors deployment orders when registering for programs

Fee assistance qualifications

Maximum of $400 per child per calendar year total.

Household size Yearly income, 50% off Yearly income, 75% off
2 $21,978 to $29,637 $21,977 or less
3 $29,638 to $37,296 $29,637 or less
4 $37,297 to $44,955 $37,296 or less
5 $44,956 to $52,614 $44,955 or less
6 $52,615 to $60,273 $52,614 or less
7 $60,274 to $67,951 $60,273 or less
8 $67,952 to $75,647 $67,951 or less
over 8 add $7,696 for each additional family member add $7,696 for each additional family member

Programs not eligible

Scholarships are not available for:

  • Music for Everyone lessons
  • Special event
  • Field trips

Apply for a youth scholarship

To apply for a youth scholarship, you must:

  1. Fill out the youth scholarship form (PDF) >
  2. Bring the form in along with your 1040 tax form to the Community Activity Center or Zanewood Recreation Center. All scholarship requests must take place in person.