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Signature Event Area Park

Learn more about the proposed plans for this exciting new destination in Brooklyn Park.

Wedding perspective

a wedding at night with lights in the trees

About the signature event park and its task force

In 2015, after an outpouring of community responses both in favor and against using amplified sound in parks, the Brooklyn Park City Council put together a task force of residents to identify land within the community that could hold large picnic gatherings and community events. The City Council expanded the scope to include potential development of a “signature event area” park.

Goals of the Signature Event Area Park Task Force

  • Identify important amenities for a “signature event area” within Brooklyn Park that support the city’s strategic vision
  • Identify the most fiscally responsible and feasible location in Brooklyn Park to accommodate the signature event area

Location of the signature event area

The Signature Event Area Task Force identified ten possible locations within Brooklyn Park and quickly concluded that the city-owned 33-acre Oak Grove site was clearly the site that met the criteria for future development. The location is in the undeveloped land near Target Corporation. It’s bounded by Oak Grove Parkway, West Broadway and the Rush Creek Trail.

Other factors for the location

Other planning efforts within the City were taken into consideration including:

  • Proposed development around the Oak Grove area
  • Relocation of road infrastructure around Target Corporation
  • Proposed light rail transit stationary planning and parking facilities
  • Other proposed mixed use development within the area
  • Options for potential land exchange based on development agreement with Target

map showing where the proposed park will go

View larger map of the park location

Potential amenities

The proposed amenities within the signature event area park include:

  • Swimming pond and beach house facility
  • Community performance stage area
  • Rose garden indoor/outdoor event venue
  • Multi-purpose lawn/game area
  • Playground area
  • Restrooms
  • Multiple picnic shelters
  • Public art

Schematic of park plans

Concept plans

These are the signature event area park concept plan and street view drawings.

Amphitheater perspective

Schematic of amphitheater.

Summer perspective

Schematic of people hanging out in the summer time in the fountain at the park.

Community feedback

The Signature Event Area Park is part of the larger Park and Recreation System Plan. The community will be able to give feedback on these Signature Event Area Park concept plans during the Park and Recreation System Plan engagement process starting in May 2017.

See Park System Plan