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Renting Athletic Fields

About our athletic fields

We have 30 parks that have athletic fields with more than 70 softball or baseball fields and 21 soccer fields in Brooklyn Park. These fields are owned and maintained by the City of Brooklyn Park and are available to rent for games and tournaments. 

The most commonly rented locations are the Zane Sports Park and Noble Sports Park. Together, they offer the community 16 soccer fields, 5 baseball and 8 softball fields. Other parks also offer softball, baseball and soccer, as well as fields for lacrosse, football and cricket.

When are fields available?

Athletic fields are available for play beginning the middle of April through the end of October (depending on weather) from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Games and tournaments only

Due to the limited number of fields and the high demand for field use, priority of use is given to community-based youth athletics. Permits are issued for the use of fields for games and tournaments only. Fields are not scheduled for practice time and are available on a first-come, first served basis.

Priority order for scheduling

Our intent is to insure that an adequate amount of facilities for community sponsored league games exist prior to scheduling tournaments and special events.

Team rosters may be requested to verify residency of your team(s).

  1. City sponsored events
  2. Educational institutions within Brooklyn Park
  3. Brooklyn Park Athletic Associations
  4. All other Brooklyn Park resident groups and events
  5. Non-resident groups and events 

Scheduling timeline and confirmations

This is the timeline of when we process and confirm schedules. We reserve the right to delay, suspend or cancel field use for any reason deemed appropriate by us.

Scheduling date Group scheduled
March 12 to 18 City/school events (priority A and B)
March 19 to April 12 Brooklyn Park Athletic Association (priority C)
April 15 to 30 Resident youth groups, resident churches, resident adult teams and resident non-profit groups (priority D)
May 1 Non-residents youth and adult teams (priority E)



Groups must apply by February 16 to get in our scheduling timeline.

How do I schedule a field?

  1. Submit an online application to help us determine your needs or download a form to fill out and submit
  2. Once your request is received, a scheduling coordinator will contact you to confirm the details and arrange for payment and permit(s).
  3. Your field is not reserved until payment is received and permit(s) issued.

What are the rental fees?

Baseball and softball

Type Cost per game Cost per day
Youth resident $25 $100
Adult or non-resident $60 $240

Cricket, football, lacrosse, soccer

Type Cost per game Cost per day
Youth resident $35 $125
Adult or non-resident $60 $240


Damage and clean-up deposit

A $500 deposit is required are all adult and new rentals. It will be returned after event inspection, if violations are not found.

Light fee

$15 per field per hour in addition to the field rental.

On-site sport park facility supervisor

Assigned by the City if deemed necessary and paid for by the renting group

$30 per hour

Maintenance personnel

$50 per hour

Portable toilets

Type Price per unit
Additional toilet $85 per event
ADA toilet $175 per event
Special cleaning $50 per cleaning


Other permits

Depending on your event, other permits may apply such as:

  • Temporary food license
  • Temporary sign permit
  • Special event permit
  • Special use permit for park shelters

All other special event permits must be completed and fees paid to the City of Brooklyn Park 2 weeks before the your scheduled rental date.

See permits


Your organization must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance for all permitted use of athletic fields in the City of Brooklyn Park. Your certificate must additionally insure the City of Brooklyn Park along with your organization, place the City of Brooklyn Park as the Certificate Holder and the general aggregate limit of insurance coverage must meet or exceed $2,000,000.

Park rules

Athletic fields within Brooklyn Park are provided for the leisure time pursuits of residents. Certain rules and regulations are needed to ensure the proper use and control of facilities so that high-quality fields exist for the players.

These rules apply to all users:

  • Alcohol use is not allowed on park property (except at Noble Sports Park with approval).
  • Smoking or use of tobacco is prohibited in all parks.
  • Motor vehicles are prohibited on park land and on the trails, except in designated parking areas.
  • Tents, signs, banners, dunk tank, carnival games, inflatables, race/walk/bike events, etc. are prohibited without a city permit.
  • Amplified sound equipment is not allowed.
  • The sale of food and concessions is prohibited without a current city food license (includes providing food at no fee, i.e. pig roast).
  • The sale of merchandise or charging admission must have prior approval by the Recreation and Parks Department.

Location of athletic fields

Baseball (fenced with 90' base path)

Number of fields Location
1 Noble Sports Park
2 Zane Sports Park (Jason McCarthy Field formerly ZSP1 and ZSP2)


Baseball (fenced with 75' base path)

Number of fields Location
2 Brookdale Park
4 Northwoods Park
2 Zane Sports Park



Number of fields Location
1 Fair Oaks Park
1 Lakeland Park



Number of fields Location
1 Central Park
1 Northwoods Park



Number of fields Location
1 Northwoods Park
1 Willowstone Park


Soccer (sizes vary)

Number of fields Location
6 Noble Sports Park
10 Zane Sports Park
3 Zanewood Elementary (practice site only)



Number of fields Location
1 Bass Creek Park
3 Brookdale Park
2 Central Park
1 Edinbrook Park
1 Hamilton Park
3 Hartkopf
1 Monroe Park
1 Northern Trails Park
4 Norwood Park
4 Noble Sports Park (fenced at 310')
1 Pinebrook Park
2 River Park
1 Sunnylane Park
1 Willowstone Park
1 Zanewood Elementary
4 Zane Sports Park (fenced at 225')


Wheelchair softball

Number of fields Location
1 Northwoods Park


Contact us

Community Activity Center (Recreation and Parks Department)

5600 85th Ave. N.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
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September through May office hours

Sunday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

June through August office hours

Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m.-10 p.m.
Sunday, closed unless we have a scheduled event or activity.

Hours may vary based on events, activities and holidays.

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