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Home Town Ballfield

Noble Baseball Field Master Planning

Possible Improvements:

  • Plaza and facility entry: Provide entry plaza off existing parking lot(s) to signify entry and to support gathering space, concessions and related outdoor activities.
  • Seating: About 300 seats with expansion areas. Provide bench seats with backs and roof for shade/inclement weather. Include "party" deck along upper level and at each (lower) end.
  • Press Box: 8’ x 18’, integrated with bleacher.
  • Building: Concessions for food preparation as well as a bathrooms and storage.
  • Provide concrete slab with electrical for temporary trailer (portable concessions)
  • Dugouts with storage (field maintenance, umpire equipment), make them wider and larger than existing dugouts. 
  • Bull pens (each side, one or two pitchers width)
  • Batting cage (one each side)
  • Batter’s eye (needed)
  • Backstop: Replace with protective netting, needs to be higher, include padding
  • Safety netting and poles: right field line and at utility area
  • Replace existing scoreboard
  • Sound system (needed)
  • Flag pole (needed)
  • Utilities:  Sanitary, water, storm sewer, gas, electric services and irrigation.

You can view a PDF version of the plan here. 

Master planning


Infield/Plaza area






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