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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a free crime prevention program that is offered to community members.

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is a great way to keep your neighborhood safe and build positive relationships. Concerned residents are the best assets any police department has in fighting crime. The Neighborhood Watch program was developed to train and educate residents in ways to be involved, stay informed and work together with their neighbors to address mutual concerns and find solutions.

A watch program is neighbors helping neighbors. The programs works and makes a difference in Brooklyn Park. By working together we can make sure our community stays a safe place to live and work.

Check out our Virtual Neighborhood Watch program >

Why start a Neighborhood Watch?

  • To let criminals know you watch and will call 911
  • To have Neighborhood Watch signs at the entrances to your neighborhood
  • To have more informed neighbors who know what to look for and will call 911
  • To stay updated on crimes in the area and trends

Starting a Neighborhood Watch

  • Gage the interest of your neighbors.
    • You will need 50% of the houses to participate
  • Decide where your neighborhood boundaries will be
    • Usually about 10-15 houses
    • If areas are larger, sub groups can be formed
    • The Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit can help if you have questions
  • Set up a first meeting
    • Meeting will take about 1 hour
    • Can be hosted in a home, garage, driveway, back yard or at a park
    • Representatives from the police department will conduct the meeting. Topics covered include:
      • What, how and when to report activities to the police department
      • Use of 911
      • Security measures for homes
      • The importance of a home inventory list
      • Current crime trends in your area
      • Questions and concern of residents
    • A block captain, or contact person, will be selected at this meeting

After becoming a Neighborhood Watch

  • You are required to meet at least one time per year
    • A National Night Out party will count
  • A Crime Prevention Specialist can talk or provide information
    • Crime trends and neighborhood issues
    • Burglary prevention and home security
    • City code information that affects you
    • Identity theft and scam prevention
    • Other topics your neighborhood is interested in
  • Share information with you neighbors
  • Block captains are invited to an exclusive annual meeting event

Contact us to get started

Contact your crime prevention specialist to get your neighborhood watch set up.

Look up your police precinct

South Precinct

Kim Czapar
Crime Prevention Specialist
Email Kim Czapar

North Precinct

Julia Brysky
Crime Prevention Specialist
Email Julia Brysky

Look up information by your address

You can find a variety of information by entering your address. You can find out:

  • Property and local amenity information
  • Comprehensive list of your elected officials
  • City service information and employee contacts for your neighborhood

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