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Park System Plan

What is a park system plan?

A park system plan is a 10-year plan that will identify current and future needs, priorities, and improvements for all our parks, trails and recreation programs.

We heard what you had to say!

Thank you for providing your valuable input as we prepare the future park system in Brooklyn Park. The City Council approved the Recreation and Parks Department’s request to implement a feasibility study and plan for our future. We will share brief updates on the work currently being done and how your voice will continue to be important in months to come. Check back regularly to stay on top of all of our happenings.

Age friendly initiative

Brooklyn Park is launching a new effort to become an “age-friendly community”—a better place to grow older and remain active and engaged at all stages of life. Our population—along with the rest of Minnesota, the U.S., and the world—is growing older, and we need to make sure we are ready to respond. Planning for the health, safety, and inclusion of all ages is a priority that emerged through the Park System Plan and BP2025, a community planning process for the city's future. We are now acting on this goal!

This isn’t a temporary program or initiative. We want to adapt business as usual to ensure that all aspects of our community are deliberately considered through the eyes of people of all ages and abilities.

The work is in early stages. The City of Brooklyn Park will play a lead role, but the City alone cannot make Brooklyn Park age-friendly. We envision this as a long-term community-wide effort.

As part of the process, we are reaching out to residents, community leaders, and professionals across various sectors. We will gather input about what it’s like to be an older person in Brooklyn Park and determine how to move forward together.

Aquatics feasibility

Over the last year, the Recreation and Parks Department has engaged the community in identifying priorities for reinvestment into the recreation and parks system. The “voice of the community” once again indicated a strong desire to build a family aquatics center that can be used recreationally as well as for swimming lessons.

Under the direction of the City Council, the Recreation and Parks Department and our consultant, 292 Group, will be conducting an aquatic feasibility study. It will be completed by mid-May.

What will the study include?

The feasibility study will include:

  • Research on other successful public aquatic facilities
  • Optional concept designs for the facility
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Operational cost projections
  • Programming opportunity analysis

The results of the study will provide information that will help better inform the long-term cost and benefits in developing a “unique aquatics facility” that our community can take pride in.

Possible features of an aquatics facility

The Recreation and Parks Department is excited about the possibility of an aquatics facility and how its presence could improve the quality of life for the residents of Brooklyn Park.

The facilities being proposed would include such features as:

  • An indoor and outdoor zero-depth entry pool with recreation play elements such as slides and water spray features
  • A warm water pool for lessons and older adult usage
  • Concessions
  • Family locker rooms
  • All other support facilities

Eidem Homestead master plan

Eidem Homestead currently consists of 19 acres and two complete farmsteads (house, barn, chicken coop, and other outbuildings) that once belonged to John Jr. and Electa Eidem, and his son, Arthur Eidem. Through a grant, the City of Brooklyn Park bought John Jr.'s property in 1976 with the purpose of turning it into a living history farm as a means of preserving the city's agricultural history. Arthur's property was obtained in 1986.

Since 1979, Eidem Homestead has been offering a variety of programs, events, and hands-on activities to community members as way for them to learn and experience the city's history and turn of the 20th century farm life first hand. It's also been a destination for people of all ages to meet and connect with one another and enjoy the natural world. In order to enhance the user experience, and continue offering great programs and events for our community, a master plan for the site is being developed.

In November of 2017, Recreation and Parks leaders began working with Miller Dunwiddie to develop a 10-year master plan for Eidem Homestead. The plan will include development of a mission and vision statement for the site, an interpretation plan for programs and self-direction, and a facility development plan. The new plan will ensure that existing and future programming will meet our larger goals and work together to accomplish our mission; that customer and operational needs are being met; and that the site's physical aspects are being preserved.

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