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To Dirt You Shall Return: Tales from Tim's Recycling Bin

May 31, 2017 08:37 AM
Most of us would think a banana peel is no good and we should throw it in the trash. Actually it is pretty good for something – making compost.
You know the recycling symbol stands for taking old things and turning them into new thinks like an aluminum can which will be processed, melted down and then made into a new aluminum can. 
Natural things such as food scraps want to break down and return to dirt. And we should be doing what we can to help. It’s called organics recycling.
The same concept works with food scraps and non-recyclable paper. Apple cores and napkins can be composted, used as a soil amendment, which helps grow new apples or trees that are made into new napkins.
You can compost certain items in your backyard. Or you can compost off-site. Check with your garbage hauler to see if they offer organics recycling service. Or you can bring your organics in a compostable bag to the Hennepin County Drop-Off Facility.
Find more information on the Hennepin County website. Until next time check out organics recycling my friends.


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