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Restaurant Week 2019: Milah's Royal Bistro

Milah's Royal Bistro
© Eric Andresen

Milah Kai is a wife, a mother of five, an immigrant from Liberia, a U.S. citizen, a proud Brooklyn Park restaurant owner and a woman who loves to cook.

She opened her restaurant, Milah’s Royal Bistro, in November 2015 with the help of family members Emmanuel Kai, Kormassa Kollie and Walter Cooper. The restaurant is a whole family affair – two cousins and two nieces have worked inside for as long as the restaurant has existed.

With a deceptive outer appearance that makes the restaurant look small, a visitor may be surprised to enter and find the small spaced decked out in yellow, green and red African-style linens, featuring a TV blasting Liberian musical talents and filled with the scent of Liberian cuisine. Featuring popular dishes – and healthy portion sizes! – such as cassava leaf torborgee, jollof rice and chicken, attieke and fish, and sides such as fried plantains, the smells and tastes are an experience in Liberian dining that guests are sure to enjoy.

Milah brings her own joy and her love of Brooklyn Park to her restaurant. She loves to feed people, believing that when people are full, they’re happy. She is creative with her food preparation and happy with the inclusivity and diversity of the city, saying “I’ve never had a bad experience that makes me not want to be here or feel like I’m not welcome. I don’t think I could choose any other community. I love Brooklyn Park.”

Though there are challenges to operating a family-run business, Milah loves the independence it offers. With a child who is a cancer survivor, owning the restaurant gives Milah the freedom to set her own schedule while fulfilling her passion – cooking and feeding people.

Make sure to visit Milah’s Royal Bistro at 7648 Humboldt Avenue North, on the corner of Humboldt Avenue North and Brookdale Drive North, before November – as she has each year since it opened, Milah will redecorate at her annual anniversary and bring a new and unique look to her restaurant. This November will mark Milah’s fourth year in business, and she will change the décor to reflect a more European style.

Whatever the decorations, make sure to be hungry when you visit so you can fill your stomach (and most likely a take-home box!) with Milah’s delicious cuisine.

Article written by Sarah Abe



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