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Restaurant Week 2019: Fat Nat's Eggs

Fat Nat's Eggs
© Megan McKeen

“When you’re here, you’re family.” Fat Nat’s Eggs, which first opened in New Hope in 2003, is a family-owned business that lives this motto. With all fresh ingredients and dishes that are made to order, Fat Nat’s Eggs works hard to make the experience of eating in their restaurant just like dining at home.

Michael and David Nat helped their father, Jeffrey Nat, start the restaurant and have been involved in the business since they were children. Running the restaurant for much of their lives contributes to the tight-knit feeling they try to bring to their customers and is an experience they would recommend. “You can take this job anywhere in the world,” Michael says. Indeed, building relationships and providing good food are skills that can go anywhere.

Fat Nat’s first location in New Hope was just a few countertops and tables. Since then, they opened a second location in Brooklyn Park in 2008, expanded their New Hope location, and opened a third restaurant in St. Anthony almost 8 years ago. The Brooklyn Park location has expanded too, growing from a small space into a larger strip mall with a much bigger parking lot at 8587 Edinburgh Centre Drive.

“It’s pretty cool to see something really small – a couple counters, a couple tables – evolve into something bigger,” David shared. “It takes time, but it’s amazing how people come in to see us.” They’ve had regular customers since day one – now, 17 years later, they’ve seen couples have children and continue to frequently visit the restaurant with their new families.

Fat Nat’s has a variety of popular dishes. At the large, open breakfast bar in front of the kitchen, staff prepares hot plates of their specialties. Almost anything with salsa as well as their various eggs benedict are fan favorites, and various Mexican-style dishes are popular as well. Each dish is its own treat, and their unique spice blend gives the food an added zest.

Fat Nat’s welcomes anyone at any time, Michael says. “We want you to be able to bring your family in – come in, have a good time, enjoy yourself, go home, remember us and come back.”

Article written by Sarah Abe



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