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Restaurant Week 2019: Cajun Deli

Cajun Deli
© Eric Andresen

Cajun Deli brings the flavor of Louisiana to the southwest corner of Brooklyn Park. You can anticipate enjoying a brightly colored meal filled with large seasoned pieces of crab, crawfish, shrimp, corn and whole potatoes bathed in a pool of bright red house-made sauce. The ambiance is reminiscent of a southern coastal town as well, with large, heavy wooden tables and decorations of fish, ships and netting lining the walls.

Thien Ly moved from Louisiana five years ago. Having worked in selling seafood, he saw the opportunity to bring the concept of Cajun-style food up north. He seized the growth opportunity and potential that Brooklyn Park offered and settled in the city. The business was soon booming – seven months ago, Ly opened a second restaurant called Grand Catch in St. Paul.

Aimee Hanson, the General Manager who also hails from Louisiana, began work at Cajun Deli nine months ago and found it to be a great fit. “I worked at several different restaurants before coming across Cajun Deli,” she says. “I met with the owners, I loved the place…now this is where I’ve made my home. And I absolutely love it.” She’s excited about the great team of staff that they have built at Cajun Deli and the reputation for a great atmosphere and good food that the restaurant has established in the community.

Cajun Deli does large party and catering orders. Some of their more popular dishes feature a pound of crab legs and a pound of peeled shrimp and each pound of seafood comes with corn and potatoes. The delicious, tangy seafood is available daily at 8038 Brooklyn Boulevard near the West Broadway Avenue intersection.

And if you’re worried about the southern spice? Don’t be – Cajun Deli offers 5 spice levels for each dish, so all levels of spice palates can enjoy every bit of good food that the restaurant has to offer!

Article written by Sarah Abe



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