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Recycling on the Go: Tales From Tim's Recycling Bin

April 4, 2017 02:11 PM

When I go on vacation I like to take photos of the sights I see. Okay I’m one of the few people who have a photo gallery of recycling containers from various cities.

Just like my wife and kids you’re probably wondering, “Why does he do that?” 

First I like to see if someone else has a better idea of how to do things. Then I can steal…I mean borrow that idea for my work.

It also reinforces the notion that we need standardization. Recycling containers look one way in one city and another way in a second city. It’s no wonder we don’t recycle more when we’re on the go, because we’re not sure what to do.

Plus our society has taught us that when we have something we no longer want, look for a large, open mouth container to throw it into. Then somebody else takes it away and we no longer think about it.

So I’m looking for ideas to change things up. Because if we make it harder to throw things in the trash and easier to recycle people are going to put more stuff in the recycling bin. Until next time keep recycling on the go my friends.



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