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Nobody’s Perfect Tales from Tim’s Recycling Bin

November 15, 2017 08:12 AM
If you’re like me you look a little less than perfect on the outside, but you’re pretty good on the inside. I had those thoughts the other day when I stopped at the grocery store and I saw a display for “misfit” produce. Misfits are items that might have a blemish or are misshapen, but taste just as good as those supermodel fruits and veggies preening over on the showcase aisle a few feet away. Don’t overlook these misfits; they’re mighty important.
And here’s why. You may remember hearing those stories that say up to 40% of food is wasted. Less than perfect produce is one category of foods that usually are not eaten. Often they are left in the field to rot even though they’re just as nutritious and delicious as the stuff that makes it to the store. 
Why are they left behind? I found an answer as I was reading an article about consumer behavior in the supermarket. According to recent research most of us feel a little uncomfortable in the produce section. We’re not sure what to select or why. So the two criteria we use to pick say, this apple versus that, are price and appearance. Supermarkets don’t want to stock a less than picture perfect pear because we won’t buy it.
So this supermarket has found a way to get us to buy “misfit” produce by selling it for less. They figure our love of a bargain will overcome our fear of a floppy fig. We save a little money and find out that misfits are a perfect fit.
Until next time, pick up some less than perfect produce my friends. 


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