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I'm choosing reusing: Tales From Tim's Recycling Bin

September 7, 2017 08:49 AM

We've all heard the phrase reduce, reuse and recycle. In fact we've probably heard it so many times that we just say it - without thinking about what it means.

In the recycling biz we call them the three Rs, but they're not all equal. We say them in order of importance. That means it's more important to reduce waste first. Think of it this way. If I go to the store and only buy what I need and skip that impulse purchase, I'll save money, and we won't need as many resources to make those things we don’t really need.

If we use resources to make something it just makes sense to try and get as much use out of that product as possible – for instance my reusable coffee cup. Again I'm saving money because the coffee shop gives me a discount; the world is saving resources. Saving resources is why reuse is more important than recycling.

To remind us all of this Hennepin County puts out these Choose to Reuse coupon books. Now through the end of October you can save even more when you purchase, rent or repair items at the reuse retailers in the book. Pick one up at City Hall or the library.

Until next time, keep reusing my friends.

Car seat recycling

Target is bringing back their car seat recycling program for a limited time. From September 10 - 23, most Target stores (excluding small-format stores) will accept car seats to be recycled. In turn, guests will receive a 20 percent off coupon, good for the purchase of a new car seat, including booster seats, car seat bases and travel systems.



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